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People got stuck outside on a ride at Canada's Wonderland during the weekend storm

The destructive Ontario storm made for some terrifying experiences this weekend, and among the most unlucky were the few who found themselves stuck on rides at Canada's Wonderland during the intense weather event.

A video captured by TikTok user @chubbychicken84 shows madness unfolding at the popular Vaughan theme park, the storm rolling in quickly as guests scramble to take shelter from the rain and high winds. At least most of the guests.

After waiting in long lines, an unlucky bunch finally boarded rides early Saturday afternoon. Riders likely felt relief upon being strapped into their seats, that is, until the storm hit and these rides came grinding to a halt at around 12:40 p.m.

This included Behemoth, the park's second-tallest coaster, the ride seen halted in the video as near-hurricane-force winds bear down on Canada's Wonderland.

A representative of Wonderland tells blogTO that "ride operations staff began to close rides due to a sudden, severe thunderstorm approaching the park. A power outage occurred shortly after and several rides, including the Behemoth roller coaster, halted with guests onboard."

"Ride operations and maintenance staff worked to evacuate guests as quickly and safely as possible. Guests on Behemoth were evacuated about 30 minutes later."

Wonderland published a blog post last summer detailing some of the things guests should know about ride safety at the park, including a section covering the necessity of temporary delays during inclement weather.

The post states that rides will not operate during lightning events, and Wonderland confirms that the same protocols are in place for severe storms like the one witnessed on Saturday. During such events, "we immediately begin to shut down rides based on ride height and dynamic."

Guests being forced to wait out ride stoppages at Wonderland is nothing new, another instance generating buzz just days earlier.

Ride stoppages are nothing new either, designed to keep guests safe but not necessarily comfortable. Other high-profile ride stoppages have included The Bat and the Lumberjack ride last summer, as well as on the Dragon Fyre coaster in 2019.

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