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Someone leaked a photo of the new screen at Toronto's Rogers Centre and it's huge

Toronto's hopes for a new ballpark have been dashed, at least for now. But that doesn't mean the existing Rogers Centre (which longtime residents still stubbornly insist on calling SkyDome) isn't getting some love in the short term.

The aging home of the Toronto Blue Jays is undergoing the first phase of a still-developing modernization plan, starting with the installation of a massive digital display and scoreboard that replaces the previous fixture.

Marking the third display in the stadium's over three-decade history, the new screen replaces the previous Daktronics LED displays installed in the stadium back in 2005, which followed the original Sony JumboTron installed for the dome's 1989 opening.

Work on this enlarged scoreboard/video display began in late 2021 with the disassembly of the 2005 screen. The display was broken down into 16-pixel x 16-pixel modules, now being auctioned off by the Blue Jays for $200 a pop.

Several months into the project, a new photo was revealed, offering a first glimpse of the near-complete video board, which has not just been replaced by a modern screen but expanded with horizontal wings.

These new extensions come at a price, though, requiring the closure of the former Sightlines Restaurant (previously the Hard Rock Cafe) on the 300 level. Basically, the stadium has determined that additional screen coverage offers more value than a field-facing restaurant.

It's a promising-looking upgrade, but some fans seem to be growing tired of patchwork renovations to a ballpark that is now among the oldest in Major League Baseball, designed in an era where stadiums were designed to host multiple sports.

While it might look nice, there is no indication that fans will get to enjoy the new display any time soon, an ongoing labour dispute threatening to impact the 2022 season.

The Blue Jays have stayed tight-lipped about the new screen's specifics, only telling media that it would be in place for the coming season.

Whether that season happens this year or is delayed by a lockout has yet to be determined.

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Jamie Hedworth

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