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Toronto Raptors rookies are the worst boy band ever but fans are here for it

If any record executives are out there searching for the next hot new boy band, a video circulating on social media is helping them narrow down the hunt by showing them where not to look for talent.

The Toronto Raptors have some promising bright young stars, that is, in terms of basketball ability. But they should probably stick to the courts based on a video shared to Raptor Precious Achuiwa's Instagram on Thursday afternoon, where three Raptors rookies showed off their vocal skills, or rather a lack thereof.

For no apparent reason, Toronto Raptors rookies Scottie Barnes, Dalano Banton, and Justin Champagnie joined forces to belt out an off-time, off-key performance of Bruno Mars' 2010 hit "Just the way you are."

With ages ranging from 20-22, the rookies were still attending elementary school when this song came out, making the selection all the more confusing.

Between the random song choice, the painfully-bad performance, their reliance on hand-written lyrics, and the complete lack of context provided, the clip is offering a good chuckle on a particularly tense day to be scrolling through social feeds.

One calls the video an "absolute timeline cleanser," particularly welcome during the chaotic onset of a conflict that has grim news headlines and sombre images flooding social media feeds.

As funny as the clip is, nobody is claiming the trio should quit their pro sports careers and take up singing, one commenter summing it up by saying, "These man's sound rough."

Though even if singing isn't in his future, Dalano Banton's moves on the floor could be something worth further exploration.

Most of the Raptors have been off for the All-Star break since their last appearance on Feb. 16, though Precious Achiuwa and Scottie Barnes were among the rookies represented in the 2022 Rising Stars game.

The team returns to the court Friday for a road game versus the Charlotte Hornets at the Spectrum Center, which appears to be where this hilarious clip was filmed.

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