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Toronto Blue Jay Robbie Ray wins AL Cy Young Award but his kid stole the show

Toronto Blue Jays ace Robbie Ray took home the American League Cy Young Award on Wednesday, but the pitcher's big moment in the spotlight was overshadowed by his exuberant son Asher's over-the-topΒ on-screen presence.

Appearing live on video to accept his award remotely, Ray tried to introduce his family, but young Asher Ray could not contain his excitement, cutting off his father to introduce himself. This hiccup was just a prelude to the hilariousness that came next.

Seconds later, the younger Ray begins mugging for the camera, television hosts clearly struggling to contain their off-screen laughter at the adorable distraction.

What should have been the high water mark of Robbie Ray's career was quickly hijacked, becoming Asher Ray's acting demo reel.

Many think he will be in media some day.

Even flying high on the excitement of winning the highest distinction a pitcher can earn in the MLB and the promise of a big payday next season, Robbie just couldn't keep up with Asher's frantic energy.

His animated range of emotions displayed for the camera has been a hit on social media, completely stealing the show away from his dad.

It was still a huge win for Robbie Ray, marking a dramatic career turnaround. His career on the decline, Ray inked an $8-million, one-year deal with the Blue Jays last off-season.

The 30-year-old veteran pitcher didn't disappoint, recording an impressive 2.84 ERA with 248 strikeouts across 32 starts, decisively winning out over the runner-up, New York Yankees star pitcher Gerrit Cole.

Imagine being recognized as one of the most dominant pitchers in baseball, only to be upstaged by your kid who doesn't even have their adult teeth yet.

Ray may not be a Blue Jay for long, having declined the team's qualifying offer (as expected) to play the field of free agency, a huge paycheck undoubtedly around the corner after such a lights-out season.

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