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Toronto can't contain excitement over seeing Home Plate Lady back at Jays games

Home Plate Lady is back at the Rogers Centre! Nature is healing! 

Yes, one of the most enigmatic fans in Toronto sports history has finally reclaimed her rightful spot in the action zone at Blue Jays home games now that Canada's federal government has granted the team permission to play on their own turf again.

The Jays made their triumphant return to Toronto on Friday, July 30, after nearly two years of being forced to live and work in the U.S. amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

So too did the elderly lady who has mysteriously been sitting behind Home Plate in Toronto for years, delighting fans watching on TV with her deadpan expressions and nerves of steel.

Fans were stoked to see the Jays at the Rogers Centre again on Friday night after some 22 months of watching them from afar in Dunedin, Florida, and Buffalo, New York.

But they were just as excited, if not more so, to see a familiar face (and scarf) sitting behind Home Plate, silently judging every move on the field.

The importance of Home Plate Lady's return to the Rogers Centre was not lost on Blue Jays brass, who formally welcomed the stalwart sometimes known as "Baseball Grandma" or "Nonna" back home alongside the team.

The Jays delivered a rollicking 6-3 victory against the Kansas City Royals that night, but only after a thorough welcome that included bringing out Home Plate Lady (among other community ambassadors) to throw a ceremonial first pitch.

The grey-haired woman, who can be seen in the same seat at nearly every Blue Jays game, got a hug from young Jays super-slugger Vladimir (Vlad) Guerrero Jr. and a standing ovation from fans.

It wasn't long into the game before "Home Plate Lady" started trending on Twitter, as a parody account dedicated to the Jays fan pointed out that evening.

Sadly for those who thought they might get to learn Home Plate Lady's real name and identity, the Blue Jays actually welcomed her to the field by her popular nickname. She even wore a jersey bearing the name (but no number) "Home Plate Lady."

"Waking up to see Home Plate Lady trending. Twitter is already awesome, today," wrote one fan the next morning. "What an amazing, emotional game last night! It was so much fun, I legit forgot to tweet. Can't wait to go back!"

"Loved that the Jays honoured and welcomed back Home Plate Lady as Home Plate Lady yesterday. Truly a part of our nation's heritage," tweeted another.

And it wasn't just a one-off celebrity sighting, either; Home Plate Lady was also spotted at the Rogers Centre on Sunday.

Now that the federal government has officially given the Jays a "National Interest Exemption" from current travel restrictions, allowing them to play home games at home once again, we can expect to see much more of Home Plate Lady in the weeks, months and years ahead.

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