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People new to Toronto are now meeting each other through outdoor yoga

Moving to a new city can be challenging, especially during a global pandemic no less. 

Newcomers Thruyoga is a community founded by Elisabet Camprubi and welcomes newcomers to practice and connect with new people. 

The concept was born in January 2020 with the intention of supporting people who are new to Canada. Due to the COVID restrictions, all classes at the time were taught virtually. 

Since then, outdoor in-person classes, nature experiences, workshops and other professional teachers have also been introduced.  

Michael Bertöni writes that, "classes have allowed me to make rich encounters and especially to fight the stress due to this move and the current living conditions. The classes are accessible for beginners, there is no judgement and a lot of kindness between the members and from Elisabet."

Campari strongly believes in the importance of vulnerability and sharing stories while supporting one another through each other's journeys.  

"COVID has made for a very strange landscape to make new friends, so this group has really made me feel welcome. I have a sense of community here in Canada and definitely feel like I am happier and more well-adjusted," said Carolina Santos.  

Camprubi built this community following her own experience of moving from Spain to Toronto. 

"I felt lonely and was going through a lot of stress and anxiety. Starting the practice of yoga really helped me listen to myself and get the space I needed at the time," said Camprubi. 

After 3 years of living in Toronto and practicing yoga, she decided to get her certification - not specifically to teach but so she could enrich her own practices and learn more about the philosophy. 

She got to a point where she "really wanted to create a community to support other newcomers in the same situation as me. I started a Facebook group and we started to make some noise and more people started to join." 

The Newcomers Thruyoga Facebook page is private, although all who are interested are encouraged to join.  

There are a series of teachers who teach various practices and classes. Some events include Hatha Yoga at Dufferin Grove Park, Live Stream Restorative, Live Stream Cooking, Sunset Yoga at Marilyn Bell Park. 

Prices range based on what each yogi is looking to attend- albeit, the site provides the opportunity to sign up for one free class. 

The full schedule of classes, live streams, nature walks and other social events can be found on the website. 

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