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People are cancelling GoodLife memberships in Ontario over gym's vaccine policy

GoodLife patrons across Ontario are suddenly cancelling their memberships in droves after the gym chain's revelation that it will not be requiring proof of vaccination to work out, which inadvertently caused a social media and PR fiasco.

When asked on Twitter earlier this week about its vaccination policies for when gyms open their doors provincewide as we enter Step 3 of reopening on Friday morning, the Canadian brand — which has more than 450 facilities and 1.5 million members — stated that it, well, won't have one for gymgoers or staff.

"At this time, we are not planning to require associates or members to be vaccinated to enter our locations. For privacy reasons, GoodLife will not disclose information regarding any individual associate's vaccination status," the official GoodLife Fitness account tweeted on Monday afternoon.

The post has since garnered 1,5oo responses, an additional 1,000+ quote tweets and retweets, and 1,700 likes. Unfortunately for the company, the majority seem to be negative.

Many residents are simply baffled and unimpressed with the stance given the high-touch, sweaty nature of gyms, while others are vowing to cancel their memberships over the issue (or are at least expressing satisfaction with the fact that they already had for other reasons).

Some are also drawing attention to the fact that schools and other businesses in the province, such as Filmores strip club in Toronto, have come out to say that they will be requiring guests to be fully vaccinated in order to best ensure the health and safety of customers and staff as COVID-19 variants continue to pose a threat.

It remains to be seen what GoodLife will do about its new operating policies, if anything, in response to the ample backlash.

It is noteworthy that after being dealt a hard 16 months of numerous lengthy forced closures, a number of gyms have been operating in either contravention of provincial lockdown rules or through loopholes.

One that had pivoted to serve only those with a medical referral for physical therapy just this month shuttered due to an outbreak of the delta variant.

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