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Mississauga gym may be secretly letting influencers in to work out

After months of lockdown, one Mississauga gym appears to be letting a number of Instagram influencers in to exercise.

There's no doubt many people are missing workouts and after over a year in one type of lockdown or another, a gym session could work wonders to reduce stress for many of us.

Like personal care services, gyms have faced extensive lockdowns since March 2020 — many feel unfairly targeted, and some have protested the rules around outdoor fitness classes.

It appears one Mississauga gym is allowing some members to return — if recent Instagram photos are an indicator.

A City of Mississauga spokesperson, Catherine Monast, told blogTO there have been complaints about Sky Fitness in Mississauga.

"The establishment is under ongoing investigation by the City of Mississauga's Enforcement Division at this time," Monast says. "We will continue to monitor the situation and pursue action accordingly under the Reopening Ontario Act."

Attempts to reach Sky Fitness went unanswered.

One person who contacted blogTO about the situation suggests the gym is operating under a bylaw loophole that allows facilities to open for physical therapy if they have written instruction from a regulated health professional and if physical therapy is not available elsewhere.

"I am sure a lot of people are taking advantage of this loophole — which is also unfair to the general public who no longer have access," the person, who did not wish to be named, tells blogTO.

Monast did not confirm if that is the case for Sky Fitness.

They wouldn't be the first gym to try and get around lockdown rules. HUF Gym in Mississauga reopened in April only to face police intervention and fines from the city.

HUF and others in the area are now saying people with disabilities can get "can get a prescription to de-stress through boxing," Teresa Heron, the co-owner of Huf Gym told Newmarket Today.

While many gyms have faced hardships during the pandemic, it seems like Sky Fitness originally suffered from bad timing as well. The gym, then called Planet Workout, closed for renovations in January 2020, only reopen in March 2020 as Sky Fitness.

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