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People have some questions about Steph Curry's visit to Toronto

Golden State Warriors point guard Stephen Curry has been enjoying a little Toronto vacay this week that has included shooting hoops with Drake at the rapper's private Toronto court and hitting up the opening night of the 2020 Toronto International Film Festival with wife Ayesha.

And though residents are happy to have the star in town, many have some major questions about the visit — mainly about whether he  abided by Canada's mandatory 14-day quarantine for all incoming travellers before going out and about, and also how he got into the country in the first place.

Though Curry did live in Toronto for a brief period in his youth while his dad played for the Raptors, he was born in Ohio, currently resides in California with his family, and is not a Canadian citizen.

Given that the Canada-U.S. border has been closed to all but essential travellers for nearly six months now and that Americans are getting fined for defying the rules and venturing to the Great White North anyways, people are wondering how the NBAer managed to get in.

It seems that the answer may be to do with wife Ayesha, who is a Canadian-American actress and TV host who was born in Markham and has family in the GTA.

Trudeau officially started allowing family members of Canadian citizens or permanent residents to come into the country once again back in June, which means that on these grounds, Curry could have gotten a pass.

But, there doesn't appear to be a firm date for when exactly Curry and wife Ayesha arrived, leaving many to wonder if it really could have been at least two weeks before he was spotted in public.

His shootout with Drizzy and crew earlier this week certainly wasn't in line with self-isolation protocols, and neither was his Sept. 10 date night with Ayesha at a drive-in showing of David Byrne's American Utopia (which Ayesha's cousin, musician Devontée, also happened to perform live at).

Ayesha has made a number of posts on IG in the last 14 days, but it's hard to tell where (or when) the photos and videos were actually taken.

If they did break quarantine orders, they certainly wouldn't be the first.

For all Americans without the benefit of a Canadian spouse (or a big name), the border will remain closed until at least Sept. 21, though a large segment of the population is hoping it is extended once again given how badly the U.S. has been faring with the health crisis.

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