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Popular Toronto gym suddenly closes after clients buy promotional package

A Toronto fitness studio abruptly closed last week after promoting a prepaid package deal to customers. 

Track Fitness was located at Spadina Avenue and Lonsdale Road for 16 years and was known in the Forest Hill Village for their intense boot camp workouts and high-end classes. The cost of a one-hour group session was $32.

On Friday, studio owner Larry Track sent out an email to his clients that the studio was closing immediately without any previous notice. Classes were still scheduled on the day he sent out the email.

“I never wanted it to end and I did everything I could possibly do to keep it going and sacrificed my personal life along the way,” he wrote in the email.

On June 16, Track Fitness sent out a Fathers' Day promotion offering 5 classes for $99 and asked clients to pay up front by June 17, just over a week before the owner sent out his closure email.

The instructors and clients were shocked. “I think it was a surprise to everybody that week,” Jessica Sennet said, a prenatal and postpartum fitness instructor that taught at the studio for the last two and a half years.

Sennet said clients have asked her about their prepaid packages but she was a contracted employee and given no information to pass on to them. She has already received offers from other studios in the neighbourhood to teach fit mom classes.

"It's sad that it’s closed so suddenly for the staff, but we all have to move on,” Sennet said.

Clients that participated in the package were outraged and had no indication that the studio was going to close. 

This morning, Track sent out another email announcing that clients who prepaid for classes can now apply their credits to classes at Orangetheory Fitness at Yonge and Eglinton until October.

Track was hoping to downsize the studio, despite recently opening a second fitness club called The Werkout at Eglinton Avenue West.

“As of recently I’ve been told my offer to stay in a smaller space was not accepted,” the owner said in an email. Since Track Fitness opened in 2003, it expanded from 1,000 to 10,000 square feet.

When Track was hoping to grow the studio in 2012, he asked one of his personal training clients, David Cynamon, former co-owner of the Toronto Argonauts, to lend him $800,000. Cynamon agreed, but sued Track in 2014 for allegedly failing to comply with the loan agreement.

At this point in time, clients are assuming the studio closure can only be explained by bankruptcy.

The owner has not explained why the studio closed and has not answered email inquiries. Track Fitness’s phone number is no longer active.

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