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5 refreshing ways to say cheers to the Victoria Day long weekend in Toronto

Victoria Day in Toronto is just around the corner and the weather is finally bright and sunny. If that isn't the perfect excuse to kick back with a cool, summery drink, we don't know what is.

If you're looking to do something different this May 24 weekend, why not get creative with your beverage choices?

Blu Giovello is an elegant prosecco with a cool blue bottle designed to bring calming Italian seas and skies to mind. It's truly the perfect drink to help you recreate a European holiday without straying too far from home.

With your drink for the long weekend sorted, here are some ways to make the most of your Victoria Day celebrations:

Plan a local getaway

Toronto is brimming with cool properties that will have you feeling like you're on a quaint or tropical getaway. From Airbnbs that give cottage vibes right in the middle of the city to rentals complete with a pool and hot tub, the options are endless.

So, rope in friends and family, and pick a place. You can balance the cost of the booking by bringing your own food and bevvies - including refreshing summery wines so you can pretend you're really on an island escape. Just pick up Blu Giovello from your local LCBO or The Wine Shop.

blu giovello

Have a charcuterie party

Want to entertain at home without the hassle of having to cook an intricate meal? Simply turn an evening into a charcuterie party by putting together delicious small bites on a cheese and fruit board. Some staples to include on a good charcuterie board are bread, crackers, quality cheese, smoked and cured meats, fruit, nuts and spreads.

To make it interactive, you can ask your guests to bring one cheese of their liking, turning it into a fun evening of them explaining (and maybe defending) their cheese of choice!  

For a great pairing, Blu Giovello features the flavours of white fruit – think quince and starfruit – with a touch of nuts, honey and fresh pear.

Have a cocktail-making competition

Want to really spice up that house party? Task your guests with creating one signature cocktail each. Here's how you can make the competition fun: tell them about your plan a week in advance so they get a little time to experiment.

Then, they get to make their drink at the party, give it a cool name (the more creative the better) and present it in the best possible way to the party committee! After serving, everyone gets to vote (and no, you're not allowed to vote for yourself!).

Fire up the barbecue

What's a long weekend without firing up the grill? You can do it in the great outdoors or even within your own backyard. All you need are the barbecue essentials and some great marinated meat or veggies.

Don't forget to toast to the fine weather with a cool drink - preferably something that combines the freshness of wine with a seriously unconventional looking bottle to impress your guests.

Make it a date night

There's no better time to show your S.O. what they mean to you. We recommend doing so by whipping up a delicious meal for two. To provide some recipe inspiration, you can get some great tips from top Toronto chefs or peruse your favourite cookbook

Once you've decided what to prepare, don’t forget to set the table to increase the romance factor. A red table runner, candles and a fresh bouquet for a centrepiece can go a long way. And don't forget elegant wine glasses for your drinks!

Bottom line 

There are loads of ways for you to have a blast. And most of them don't even involve any type of travelling.

If you're really looking to bring the magic of an Italian holiday – without all the fuss of a flight – Blu Giovello is here to make that happen.

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Blu Giovello

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