Tractor Foods Toronto

Tractor Foods

Tractor Foods is Toronto’s first location of a Vancouver import serving healthy, customizable breakfasts, lunches and dinners prepared fresh in house geared towards a balanced diet (with room for a beer on the side, of course).

tractor foods torontoThe chain is as committed to sustainable food suppliers as the name suggests, sourcing real ingredients for items made to order before your eyes, assembly-line style.

Tractor Foods TorontoThe flow of the restaurant’s design optimizes the cafeteria-like concept with a huge open kitchen.

Tractor Foods Toronto

Moroccan Chicken Stew ($8) is part of a list of soups and stews that make well-portioned pick-me-ups, with a little toasted bread from local bakery Circles and Squares on the side.

Grilled chicken and chickpea are paired with apricot, bulgur and tomato for a complex African flavour, garnished with an almond crumble that’s a take on an Egyptian dukkah.

Tractor Foods Toronto

A thick Butternut Squash Soup ($6) gets the same treatment, adding texture and pops of flavour in the creamy soup with whole spices.

tractor foods torontoAn Albacore Tuna Bowl ($14.50) is one of several bowl options that allow you to choose a base of brown rice (what I had) or greens plus two “Market Sides” ($3.50 on their own).

With this one we’ve got the Mushroom Ditalini, a sort of pasta salad with wild mushrooms, ditalini pasta, cannellini beans, truffled ricotta and fresh herbs, as well as a slightly lighter, crisper Arugula Pear salad nevertheless jazzed up with some blue cheese and candied walnuts.

Tractor Foods Toronto

We do the Grilled Avocado Bowl ($12) with the Lemon Kale salad with radicchio, borlotti beans and a standout creamy lemon dressing, as well as the Mediterranean Couscous with grilled asparagus, olives and an orange thyme dressing that’s also quite flavourful.

Tractor Foods Toronto

Avocado toast is a breakfast classic, and this version gets points for the sheer thickness of the bread and portion of chunky avocado, though I always find toasts like this hard to bite into. The cayenne, paprika, salt and pepper seasoning is on point though, and there’s not even a speck of grey on the perfectly ripe fruit.

Tractor Foods Toronto

A Kale Chicken Caesar ($14) tops kale, cabbage, and arugula with breast meat that’s been cooked sous vide and then grilled to order, plus the typical croutons.

Tractor Foods Toronto

Baked goods ($3.50) like Zucchini Carrot Loaf, Power Cookies and addictive, fudgy Double Chocolate Pistachio and Pecan Cookies are all baked in house.

Tractor Foods Toronto

Moore Lavender Vanilla Kombucha ($5), Vineland wine ($9), beer ($5) and KW cider ($7) are all on tap, with canned local beers from Rorschach and Blood Brothers.

Tractor Foods Toronto

The 70-seat, 2400-square-foot space is pleasantly accented by clean lines and tall windows, WiFi and a decent number of outlets making this a good place to stop in and get some work done.

Tractor Foods Toronto

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