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Shari is a restaurant in the Assembly Chef's Hall that just serves chirashi, essentially boxes of sushi rice served with premium fish. 

The only restaurateur at Assembly to run two stalls, Jackie Lin – the founder of Shoushin – also runs Tachi, the omakase next door.

Unlike Tachi, Shari doesn't require a reservation and prides itself in having the art of mixing rice and vinegar down to a tee. 

shari torontoThis perfect combination of the two ingredients is the key to the ultimate shari, or sushi rice.

This mixing is done in the hangiri bowl: a giant tub made of special rubber that Jackie had made specifically for his Assembly stall. 

shari torontoThe most popular but expensive bowl for first-timers is the bara-chirashi-zushi, which comes in a octagonal wooden box with assorted seafood such as salmon, tuna and piece of shrimp mixed over shari.

I loved the pairing of seafood with small bits of chopped up cucumbers and ikura fish eggs. This chirashi is really delicious and highly recommended. A small is $14.50 while a large-sized box will set you back $19.50. 

Vegetarian options include the yasai-chirashi-zushi, which comes with assorted vegetables like avocado and cherry tomatoes ($14.50 for a large), and the wakame sarada, which is just seaweed salad on its own ($2.50). shari toronto

Pair any of these meals with a selection of their green teas ($2 to $3.5) or traditional Ramune soda ($3) to enjoy an authentic Japanese meal.

shari toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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