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Tachi is the first standing-only sushi restaurant in Toronto. It's exclusively omakase here so the menu is pre-determined by the chef, but you know this place is legit because it's from Jackie Lin, the same person behind Shoushin.

Tachi is in The Assembly Chef's Hall and sits right next to his other stall, the charashi-serving Shari.

tachi toronto Tachi occupies a very discreet corner of Assembly, made even more secretive by its wooden folding door. It also has very strict reservation rules: come late and the door stays closed.

Being only 150 square feet in size, Tachi's wooden-panelled interior can only fit eight customers at time and thus has imposed a half hour dining limit on all customers.tachi torontoUpon arriving at the stall, a host will ring the bell as an indication to the chef that it's time to begin. Afterwards, they will take your drink orders and then make a swift exit so you can enjoy your meal. 

tachi torontoWhat follows is a two-chef performance wherein only the finest of saltwater seafood is sliced and prepared for your consumption. You'll be served 11 pieces of sushi and one hand roll over the course of 30 minutes; an experience that costs $45.

tachi torontoWhile the selection of fish changes often, one item that makes the entire experience worth it in itself is the anago sushi, or eel.

Not to be confused with the more popular unagi, Tachi's is a saltwater eel and is served atop shari rice with an eel reduction that you'll be hard-pressed to beat anywhere in the city.

This tiny little restaurant feels like a travel-machine to Japan and is an absolute one-of-a-kind experience. Don't be a fool; come early. 

tachi toronto

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