Scoop Shop Toronto

Scoop Shop

Scoop Shop on Dundas West is the bricks and mortar retail outlet for Sweet Sammies Ice Cream Sandwich Co. , a pop-up vendor owned by Sanober Motiwala who has been fixture at the farmers' markets in Davisville Park and in Withrow Park over the last couple years.

Many ingredients are sourced via connections made at these markets, while everything from a dozen daily flavours of small batch ice cream, waffle cones, and cookies are made from scratch on site.

The scent of cookies in the oven greets me as I enter. The pastel painted place is outfitted with just a single bench, a couple freezer cases and a display of cookies -- count on taking your bounty over to Trinity Bellwoods if you intend to sit down.

Scoop Shop Toronto

Today's selection includes ice cream flavours like Ceylon cinnamon, PB&J, and salted caramel brownie cheesecake. There's also frozen yogurt in flavours like key lime pie, and mango. Without artificial colourings they almost all look the same, each just barely distinguished by a different hue of cream.

Scoop Shop Toronto

The Ontario strawberry ice cream is one such example. It's a pale, dusty rose colour but it tastes like summer in full force. A single scoop in a cup sells for $3.45, a double goes for $4.90. You can add-on a house made waffle cone for $1.25.

Scoop Shop Toronto

If fruity flavours aren't your thing, I hear the salted caramel has proven itself the house favourite. It's so good it's sold out the day I visit, though the affogato made with hazelnut ice cream and a strong shot of espresso from Propeller is a good plan B.

Scoop Shop Toronto

Ice cream sandwiches are sure to be another big draw and feature any two cookies, including the choice of delicate meringue shells and a scoop for $5.95.

Scoop Shop Toronto

Even vegans will find something to love here. There's dairy-free cocoa nib cashew ice cream made from house-ground and pressed cashew milk, as well as ice pops ($3-$3.75) in flavours like strawberry basil, or lemonade layered with pulverized blueberries, skins and all.

Scoop Shop Toronto

Sundaes, milkshakes, floats and pints are all on the menu too. Also to launch this summer; a coffee and doughnut flavoured ice cream, deep fried ice cream and brioche doughnut

ice cream sandwiches.

Scoop Shop Toronto

Photos by Jesse Milns

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