Paul and Sandys Toronto

Paul and Sandy's

Paul & Sandy's is Etobicoke's answer to the question where to get real barbecue in this town. Kentucky style slow cooked barbecue is what they do, and the couple who owns this place honed their recipes after sampling hundreds of barbecue joints south of the border.

From the menu it's easy to be tempted by the char-broiled burgers ($7.95) that come topped with sensational house smoked back bacon that is shaved thin and teeming with flavour. Or, there's always the hickory smoked bacony goodness on its own, stacked up on one of the fresh rolls from the nearby Dimpflmeier Bakery .

Paul and Sandys Toronto

But for true southern-barbecue seekers there's no substitute for the meat on its own and if money is no object than the thing to order here is definitely the BBQ Sampler Platter ($25.95-$36.95).

Paul and Sandys Toronto

Most of the smoked meats here get a similar treatment - a secret dry rub and rest for up to 24-hours and then into the hickory smokers they go. The hickory smoked ribs and the chicken each get 4 hours in the flavour infuser. They slide easily off the bone without the greasy aftertaste you might get from some less refined establishments. The pulled pork gets 14-hours in the smoker and just might be the most flavour-laden stuff on the plate.

Paul and Sandys Toronto

If that's not enough, it's hard to argue with the the melt in your mouth 14 to 18-hour smoked brisket or the meatloaf - the true darkhorse of the platter. Smoked for 4 hours and finished in the oven for an hour more, it's then smothered in the gravy made from the brisket drippings. This definitely ain't your momma's meatloaf.

Paul and Sandys Toronto

With each platter you get two sides included, as well as garlic bread made with fresh garlic butter and a damn delicious pickle spear. The most surprisingly delicious of the sides is the potato salad. It's made with red skin potatoes, green onion and a mixture of both mayo and sour cream. Not to be missed is their in-house baked jalapeno corn bread. It has a dry jalapeno heat that makes for a perfect palate cleanser.

Paul and Sandys Toronto

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