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As someone who didn't partake of the flesh for 15 years before switching back to carnivorous ways, I have a pretty healthy respect for any restaurant that can put a new spin on vegetation-based eating - and that's what One Love Vegetarian is doing.

This lo-fi spot, serving Caribbean-influenced vegan meals, opened at the end of May in the Annex (and is extremely visible from Bathurst Subway station thanks to it's huge, vibrant green mural).

One Love started life as a soup kiosk in Harbourfront Centre's World Cafe food court and the no-frills, unadorned interior of the new location reflects this.

One Love Soda

As the menu is still pretty small we manage to order everything on it except for the Funky House Pizza ($3 per slice).

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One Love Smoothie Menu
One Love Soup

A tasty, medium hot curried bean curd ($10) is made with ribbons of tofu and comes complete with organic salad and rice on the side.

One Love Roti
One Love Stir Fry

We all agree that the Love Sun Stir Fry ($10) is the best choice. Its unusual mix of rich sun-dried tomato, roasted red pepper and mushroom reduction over tofu chunks, spiced rice with lentils and topped with plantains has to be tried to be appreciated.

A sweet berry smoothie ($5) takes a while to arrive but cools everything down nicely and comes with the option of soy or rice milk.

One Love Stir Fry

Photos by Emma McIntyre.

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