OMG Its yogurt

OMG! It's Yogurt

OMG! It's Yogurt is a bright green and orange self-serve frozen yogurt shop that just happened to be playing the Oprah finale on its wall-mounted flat screen the afternoon I paid a visit.

Immediately, I developed the overwhelming sensation to curl up with a cup of fro-yo, watch Oprah reminisce, and cry. But alas, owner Andrew Karunaker saw me stroll in and turned the volume down to a murmur. Drat. Oprah and I would have to say goodbye on another afternoon.

OMG Its yogurt

OMG! It's Yogurt opened in September 2010 and is eagerly awaiting its first summer in action. "I'm hoping it goes well," Andrew tells me as we get to chatting. "I'm not a franchise; I've set this up totally myself."

OMG Its yogurt

Andrew used to work in insurance--coincidentally, in the same building that now houses his frozen yogurt shop on Toronto Street off of Adelaide. "I did my research for some time," he says. "This sort of self-serve frozen yogurt is so successful in the U.S., so I went to California to check it out."

OMG Its yogurt

His real estate agent tipped him off to this space, across the street from Rosewater and attached to a Goodlife Fitness. "If I were to do it again, I think I would do better on a street with more foot traffic. We're sort of tucked away over here." Since the building is closed on the weekends, OMG! is only open five days a week. Still, there seems to be a healthy influx of men and women in suits on the afternoon I drop by.

OMG Its yogurt

Why the name, OMG? "Oh my daughter helped me with that," Andrew says. "We were thinking how texting is such a big thing these days. And our yogurt really doesn't taste like yogurt--it tastes like ice cream. And you taste it and you're like, Oh my God, it's yogurt!"

OMG Its yogurt

A little cheesy perhaps, but a few tastes of the shop's vanilla, chocolate, and mango frozen yogurt, and I'll admit I was swayed. I'll take ice cream over frozen yogurt any day, but this creamy, sweet soft serve had me questioning my alliance, especially since there was little of that yogurty aftertaste I sometimes detect with various kids of frozen yogurt.

OMG Its yogurt

OMG! offers six different flavours of frozen yogurt sourced from an American and an Australian company, and flavours change every other week. There are also 24 dry toppings, eight fruit toppings, and various sauces and syrups. The shop is totally self-serve, and fro-yo creations are $0.55 per ounce.

OMG Its yogurt

Photos by Dennis Marciniak

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