On the quiet, tree-lined Sorauren Avenue, just north of Queen sits Mitzi's, a hugely popular cafe and brunch spot. The best thing about Mitzi's is the spiced potatoes. It's one of the few items that shows up regularly on their menu, scrawled in chalk to reflect that it changes on a daily basis.

On my latest visit I opted for the scrambled eggs (above - $10.99). Mixed with green onion and shredded squash, it was served with their famous potatoes and a small selection of fresh fruit. It tasted great but at that price I'd hope for something a bit more substantial.

Across the table, my girfriend opted for the granola ($7.95) which she insisted compared favourably to the one at Pulp Kitchen .

Mixed in with a latte (for her) and an iced-decaf with soy (for me), the brunch was a winner (taste-wise) across the board. But $30 later we were still left wanting. Perhaps we've gotten used to the bigger portions at Easy Breakfast , or just as likely, maybe our undoing was that we failed to fill up on bread.

The thing with Mitzi's is that they don't give diners a lot of options. First off, their menu is short. There's only five or six options. On this day we got to choose from pancakes, french toast, eggs (benedict, scrambled or an omelette) and granola. Secondly, there's wheat and dairy in pretty much everything. And while they have soy milk and are happy to make any dish dairy free, they don't offer much in the way of substitutions.

I would have liked to swap my sourdough for some spelt or rice bread but they don't offer any. I know I'm in the minority with my dietary preferences but all I'm saying is that it would be great to have the option.

Here's a photo of the outside of the restaurant:


Mitzi's, 100 Sorauren Ave, 416-588-1234

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