Mira Mira Toronto

Mira Mira

Mira Mira serves comfort food like sandwiches and ice cream made using high quality ingredients, with lots of vegetarian and vegan options.

They also have a quick service location in Assembly Chef's Hall, and operate as a full-service events and catering company.Mira Mira Toronto

The corner space is bright and sunny with a warm colour palette and plants, but only has eight seats and no public washroom. An open kitchen is fully visible behind the counter.

Mira Mira Toronto

A Honey Kimchi Chicken sandwich ($9) feels like it's poking fun at the KFC across the street in the best way possible. 

Definitely opt for this instead if you can resist the pull of the Colonel: mildly spicy kimchi marinated chicken is presented on brioche with garlic aioli, hot sauce and lots of peppery arugula, a super-sour pickle spear topping everything off.

Mira Mira Toronto

A Baked Falafel wrap ($7.50) is a vegetarian grilled wrap stuffed with dense and warmly spiced baked falafel, house pickles, arugula, heirloom cherry tomatoes and a spicy tahini aioli. All sauces are made from scratch in house.

Mira Mira Toronto

Any sandwich can be made into a combo with crinkle cut fries and your choice of kale caesar salad or coleslaw for $4. A smoked paprika, garlic and lemon seasoning really makes the fries pop, as does garlic aioli and/or spicy ketchup for an extra buck each.

A kale sunflower caesar is actually vegan and gluten-free, made with a dressing of sunflower seeds that have been soaked and blended, and topped with nutritional yeast and crispy chickpeas for an extra punch of flavour.

mira mira torontoThe East Coast Donair is a $9 monster, halal ground beef used to make the donair meat, which is dressed with a sweet donair sauce and cradled in a whole wheat pita along with heirloom cherry tomatoes, arugula, onion and crispy garlic.

The house coleslaw here is the creamy, slightly spicy kind, and sides in a combo can be upgraded to onion rings, sweet potato fries or arugula salad for an extra buck. The beef can also be subbed out for tofu.

Mira Mira Toronto

A Jerk Banh Mi ($9.50) is probably my fave, bringing together two quintessential Toronto comfort foods.

Spicy chicken made using jerk paste is stuffed into a crusty bun obtained through a local banh mi shop connection with mango puree, pickled carrot, cucumber and a green aioli of scotch bonnet, culantro, thyme and garlic. Tofu can be subbed in here too.

Mira Mira Toronto

Ice cream is provided by Kawartha Dairy.

Mira Mira Toronto

Otherwise, select a butter tart, carrot cake square ($2.75), or chocolate chip cookies (a steal at two for $1.50) from a case.

Mira Mira Toronto

A snack section is stocked with lots of unexpected rare finds, like Sugo garlic adobo peanuts, Lay's lime chips and chocolate banana Pocky.

Mira Mira Toronto

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