Somewhere in between closing time at rowdy Sneaky Dee's and the midday bustle of Kensington Market, Maggie's opens up for brunch on College Street.

Serving up a variety of delicious breakfast favourites has made this little café a wildly popular spot in the area. So popular, in fact, that my friends and I arrive at 2pm for an extra-late brunch, just hoping to avoid the crowds and waiting.

Our plan works out well as there are only a few people left at Maggie's, though remnants of the past hours are visible as the place looks a little like a hurricane has blown through.

The staff are quick to clear off a table and pick up some newspapers as we take a seat. Soon after we're looking over the menu and ordering up a long-awaited brunch.


Maggie's is probably best known for Garlic Fries and their Stuffed French Toast. The French Toast (pictured at the top) completely lived up to its reputation. Of the various stuffing options, we went for simplicity and chose Apple & Cinnamon. It arrived piping hot, stacked high and delicious. The balance between egg and toast is perfect and not too heavy.

The Garlic Fries, on the other hand, are good fries but surprisingly lack garlic entirely. Perhaps they ran out after the morning rush?


The Big Breakfast was true to its title, featuring three eggs, 'garlic' fries, bacon, fruit and toast piled on top. It was near perfect aside from the over-easy eggs being done sunny-side up (there's a difference!). The rest is scrumptious enough that we let it slide.


Finally, a pick from the lunch menu: the Mixed Veggie sandwich. The dish arrives with 2 full sandwiches, making it great for sharing. It starts off well but soon the veggies (in tomato sauce) start soaking the toast, creating a soggy mess. Now, it was a tasty soggy mess, but never-the-less, a few pieces of lettuce between toast and veggies would have helped keep this toast toasty.

All-in-all, despite some small complaints, the food was fresh and made with quality ingredients. Did I mention the French Toast? Maggie's will definitely see a return visit.

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