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Shiroshi Sushi

Shiroshi Sushi is a stylish little sushi counter near Lawrence Station. You can get some good quality sushi here at a reasonable price.

The restaurant shares space with Mr. Coco, a dessert cafe that specializes in coconut-based drinks.

Though both halves of the unit share a similar aesthetic, Shiroshi distinguishes itself with ornate paper lanterns and plush sushi rolls with smiling faces.

Bouncy J-POP tunes blare from a wireless speaker. If you're an anime fan, odds are good that you'll recognize a few of these songs from your favourite shows.

shiroshi sushi torontoSeating is limited to a few small counters and a low table near the window. As a result, most visitors opt for takeout.

Shiroshi's large menu is a sharp contrast to its small storefront. In addition to its impressive selection of sushi, the restaurant boasts a wide array of Japanese dishes, including gyoza, takoyaki and miso soup.

Dishes are prepared using both modern and traditional methods. Maki rolls are formed with bamboo mats, while aburi is seared with a hand-held torch.

shiroshi sushiThe Sushi and Roll Party Tray ($99.98) consists of twenty-four pieces of sushi and fifty-six maki rolls.

shiroshi sushi torontoThe platter offers a taste of everything Shiroshi has to offer, from California rolls stuffed with crab and cucumber to grilled unagi and spicy tuna.

shiroshi sushi torontoThough the sheer number of options was somewhat overwhelming, I found it interesting to compare and contrast all the different flavours.

shiroshi sushi torontoThe Aburi Set ($64.97) is a forty piece set, made up of four types of torched sushi.

Each type has its own distinct name and appearance: Aburi Fire is a brilliant orange colour, Aburi Honey Mustard is covered in sweet, tangy sauce, Aburi Jalapeno is topped with sliced peppers, and Aburi Shiro is covered with creamy mayo and crunchy white pearls.

shiroshi sushi torontoThe chefs tell us that these rolls are some of the most requested items on the menu.

One staff member suggests that this is because raw food is often a hard sell; many diners consider semi-cooked food a "safe" alternative.shiroshi sushi torontoChirashi Donburi ($25.98) is a rice dish whose name comes from the Japanese word for "scattered".

Fresh sashimi is cut into cubes and layered over a bed of rice, with sesame seeds, tobiko and diced avocado sprinkled throughout.

With its large portions, reasonable prices and plans to expand an already extensive menu, Shiroshi is shaping up to be a solid choice for affordable sushi in midtown.

shiroshi sushi torontoShiroshi Sushi is located at 3360 Yonge Street, Unit A.

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Shiroshi Sushi

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