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Mr. Coco is a dessert cafe in Toronto that is nuts for coconuts.

Bad pun aside, every dish in this pleasant and well-lit 6 seat cafe is literally made with the tropical fruit. Coming from Southeast Asia, I'm a big fan of coconuts, so I was naturally excited about this new spot.

Mr. CocoMr. Coco's team handpicks the freshest and best Vietnamese coconuts daily for the store's use. I'm told by owner Henry Ng that Vietnamese coconuts are considered superior to the more-popular Thai coconuts both in taste and overall quality.

Mr. CocoEach coconut dessert is made from the same base: coconut water, coconut milk, and coconut cream that's mixed with condensed milk. The aromatic mixture is served in its original coconut shell.

If you're looking for the most basic, unadulterated version, then the Original Coco ($14.79) fits the bill. 

Mr. CocoTrue to many Asian desserts, the flavours aren't too sweet, yet still satisfying. It's no wonder that the world has fallen in love with coconut water, as the dessert still retains a refreshing feel, despite its hefty appearance.

Mr. CocoSpeaking of appearances, the Mixed Fruit Coco ($15.99) is a great combination of fresh pineapple, melon, and watermelon topping the coconut dessert. It's a burst of fresh fruit flavours that's satisfying and perfect for both summer and fall.

Mr. CocoA more indulgent choice would be the Oreo Coco ($15.99). This was my favourite. I found the chocolatey sweetness of the Oreo cookie crumb and mini-Oreo cookies were a perfect foil against the smooth coconut backdrop. 

Mr. CocoThose who prefer smaller options can opt for the Mini Coco Jelly series, including the delicious Matcha Coco ($7.79). Topped with a generous sprinkling of matcha powder and matcha Pocky sticks, it'll certainly appeal to matcha fans who enjoy the tea's slightly bitter flavour.

Mr. CocoThose who are nut fans should check out the Nutty Almond Coco ($7.79). I enjoyed the textural contrast of the soft and silky coconut pudding against the crunch of almonds and cornflakes. It's certainly something I can see myself snacking on when I work.

Mr. CocoMr. Coco also serves up coconut-based drinks that are as pretty as they are delicious.

The Refreshing Galaxy ($7.99) is a dazzling kaleidoscope that sets vibrant butterfly pea flower syrup with coconut water.

Ranking a close second, the Sapphire Coconut Milk ($7.99) is a mix of coconut cream and milk that's topped with a layer of butterfly pea flower syrup. Unlike its coconut water-based cousin, the ombre drink has a creamier texture.Mr. Coco

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