Haru Shabu Shabu

Haru Shabu Shabu

Haru Shabu shabu is a Japanese all-you-can-eat hot pot restaurant, with a focus on an unlimited supply of Wagyu beef.

Sharing the space with Shinta Japanese BBQ's Empress Walk branch in North York, their contemporary Japanese-style interior showcases a cluster of rattan ceiling lamps, all surrounded by pale wood furniture that emits a clean and welcoming ambiance.

Haru Shabu ShabuHaru Shabu Shabu's AYCE menu includes the standard Haru set ($33.99 on weekdays, $36.99 on Friday, weekends and holidays), as well as the Silver and Gold Wagyu AYCE. 

Their Silver set priced at $86.99 on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and weekends (Fridays to Sunday and holidays) with extra $2 per person, has the addition of Australian and U.S Wagyu beef to the meat selection.

Haru Shabu Shabu

The baller choice for beef lovers is undoubtedly their Gold Wagyu AYCE ($250.99 each, $260.99 on Friday, weekends and holidays), comprising all Wagyu varieties.

Those with lighter appetites can get their A5 RibEye Japanese Wagyu from the A La Carte menu, ranging from 200g to 400g ($80-140).

At Haru Shabu Shabu, you can find a variety of appetizers to snack on while awaiting the arrival of the main dishes, for example these grilled octopus balls (Takoyaki).

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoWhen ordering hot post, you can choose from a range of broth flavours.

I went for the two-flavour soup base ($18.99), featuring the sweet and deep-colored Sukiyaki on one side and the thick and creamy Kabocha Soup on the other.

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoThe latter's subtle yet fiery warmth elevated the familiar taste of pumpkin soup to a new level of complexity. 

I then paired this pot with their garlic soy sauce infused with coriander, green onion, and chili for a savoury and aromatic kick.

haru shabu shabu torontoThe main attaction of the hot pot here obviously goes to the Wagyu beef.

We started with the Australian Wagyu, characterized by distinct fat and lean portions. This results in a steak-like texture with a firmer bite.

Haru Shabu Shabu toronto

Australian Wagyu cubes are a completely different beast. The level of marbling is pronounced when you see them on the plate and, when cooked, they have a crunchier texture.

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoThe thinly sliced US Wagyu beef is also a bit different. The meat is tender and has a robust, beefy flavour reminiscent of what you would find in a Gyudon (Japanese beef rice bowl).

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoThe Japanese Kagoshima A5 Wagyu might be the most rich and luxurious of the options and exudes a delicately sweet aftertaste. I recommend dipping these silky beef pieces in Onsen egg or Ponzu sauce.

Of course, at this price point you'd expect to get more than just the beef.

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoBoth the Silver and Gold Wagyu sets also come with seafood such as oysters, abalone, tiger shrimp, Japanese scallops, and snow crab legs.

For something more basic and vegetarian, I recommend the Crispy Tofu Skin Roll. 

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoMake sure to immerse it in the pot for precisely three seconds for the perfect texture.

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoFlat glass noodles, udon, ramen and steamed rice are also available for those craving some carbs.

Worth noting, there's also a 2-hour all-you-can-drink offering for their non-alcoholic beverages, reserved exclusively for the Gold Wagyu AYCE. 

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoThe Super Fruit Tea, served in a 700ml jar, is an ideal palate cleanser for sharing among the table.

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoFor dessert, don't forget to indulge in either the velvety creme brulee or the refreshing Melona ice cream bars.

Or, for a more adventurous sweet treat, try the Deep Fried Durian Balls, a dessert where the pungent aroma of durian may not appeal to everyone. 

There are made with melted durian filling encased in a crispy shell. 

Haru Shabu Shabu torontoAt Haru Shabu Shabu you're going to get what you paid for. The premium AYCE offerings here are expensive and perhaps even go beyond what you might pay at a Michelin rated restaurant in the city.

However, for all-you-can-eat hot pot establishments, Haru Shabu Shabu certainly delivers and is worth considering for your next gastronomic adventure.Haru Shabu ShabuHaru Shabu Shabu is located at 5095 Yonge St, Second Floor.

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Haru Shabu Shabu

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