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Kid Lee

Kid Lee is a healthy food court restaurant spearheaded by the sons of famed Toronto chef Susur Lee, Kai and Levi.

Tucked away in the corner of First Canadian Place's second floor dining area, the spot serves up big portions of hearty Asian-inspired meals to the Bay Street crowd.

kid lee torontoAfter taking over a unit that has been empty for years, the restaurant is now one of the food court's busiest lunch vendors.

With a full kitchen in the back plus over ten chefs and front-of-house employees working at one time, its also easily one of the largest. kid lee torontoThe restaurant is very much a family affair; you might even catch all three Lee's working the line. As the owner of other notable restaurants like Luckee, the family's reputation is certainly in the spotlight –especially since the closure of their Dundas West project, Bent

kid lee torontoFortunately, the stall comes through with items that are decently priced, and is one of the best takeout options in the area for a wholesome meal that include favourites from Susur's other endeavours. 

kid lee torontoThe marbled stall has a pretty straight forward menu: pay $14 for a box that comes with your choice of protein, two sides, and a base like organic brown rice and Tuscan kale. 

kid lee torontoMy favourite combo is the creamy leek and potato mash with the slow braised beef, which is slow cooked for over 18 hours and comes doused in gravy.kid lee torontoThe organic farro and millet is also a popular base, and sides like the roasted root veggies have strong rosemary and garlic flavours. The whole grain wheat noodles is pretty good too, coming with stir-fry staples like bean sprouts and Asian chives. 

kid lee torontoOther protein options include caramelized miso salmon, Asian BBQ chicken that comes with green onion pesto. The broccoli comes with a soya ginger mignonette and has an itty bit of kick – a nice additive to a typically boring green. 

kid lee torontoYou can also get the Singapore slaw ($13) – a 19-ingredient signature salad that's popular at Lee, but for a significantly cheaper price (it's $26 at Lee). With ingredients like red shiso, daikon, crispy tarot root and vermicelli, the salad makes for a crunchy, fresh meal. 

kid lee torontoTopped with decorative edible petals and salted plum and ginger ume dressing, you can grab this salad to go and make it at home. Dry and wet ingredients are separated into two different containers to keep things fresh for when you mix it yourself. 

kid lee torontoFor a small add-on, you can order the cheeseburger springroll ($5), a popular side dish at Fring's. With angus beef, aged cheddar, and drizzled with chipotle mayo, it sits on a piece of crispy lettuce, which you're supposed to pick up with the roll and eat like a taco. kid lee torontoFor drinks, Kid Lee juices ($4.75) come in flavours like mango, peach and lemonade or apple, banana plus strawberry.kid lee toronto

But the highlight drink is clearly the fresh coconut ($4.50), branded with the Kid Lee logo and cracked to order with a handy Coco Jack-esque device. 

kid lee toronto

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