guksu and noodle

The Guksu and Noodle

The Guksu and Noodle is a small restaurant in Thornhill that specializes in hot and cold Korean noodles.

guksu and noodleThe name of the place puts a smile on my face, because it pretty much translates as “the noodle and noodle”. At least it leaves little doubt as to what dishes the place specializes in.

guksu and noodleThe Yache Twigim ($10) is a fantastic place to start. A collection of assorted vegetables deep fried in tempura and served with a side of spicy soy sauce, it's decadently satisfying if a bit oily. Definitely a dish meant for sharing.

guksu and noodleThe Soy Soo Yuk ($12) features sous vide pork belly served with a side of kimchi. Straightforward and uncomplicated, it's nevertheless a tasty sharing platter.

The Chicken Guksu ($11) is the ideal comfort food. Much lighter in flavour when compared to Japanese ramen, this dish excels through its subtlety: the understated chicken broth, the lightly marinated chicken breast, and the chewy wheat noodles.

guksu and noodleFor a heartier broth, go for the Gogi Guksu ($11). Soy sous vide pork, green onions, and mushrooms are mixed with thin wheat noodles for a dish that's satisfying yet not overwhelming.

guksu and noodleOne of the most interesting items on the menu is the Fruit Bibim Guksu ($10.50). Cold wheat noodles are mixed with a special spicy fruit sauce, and topped with assorted vegetables and fruit. It may be an acquired taste for some, but I personally love the flavours (and the bold red colour) here.

guksu and noodleThe Spicy Pork Bulgogi ($11) is not to be missed. It's a mini-tower of grilled marinated spicy pork served with a poached egg, perfect for those #yolkporn Instagram shots. The pork, lightly spiced with a slight char, is absolutely delicious.

guksu and noodle

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