myeongdong gyoza kalkugsu toronto

Myeongdong Gyoza Kalguksu

Myeongdong Gyoza Kalguksu is a hidden gem steaming up giant Korean mandu dumplings. 

Tucked away in the back of a cramped Thornhill plaza, this no-frills establishment is home to some outstanding traditional eats.

myeongdong goyza kalguksu torontoJust keep in mind it might be tough to find parking here, considering the plethora of businesses sharing the same lot. 

myeongdong gyoza kalguksu torontoAs its name implies, the restaurant specializes in two things: gyoza (dumplings) and kalguksu (noodle soop), both popular dishes in the busy Myeongdong neighbourhood of Seoul. 

myeongdong goyza kalguksu torontoMandu dumplings—which appear on the menu as gyoza ($11.99)—are definitely the main attraction.

Made from scratch using thin dough, these hulking dumplings are stuffed with a mix of pork neck, veggies, and tofu. There's no better way to describe them than warming, homey, and delicious. 

myeongdong goyza kalguksu torontoAlso find them in the KalManduGuk ($12.99), a bowl of handmade kalguksu noodles served with more mandu in a delicious beef bone broth.

myeongdong goyza kalguksu torontoYou'll get three whole side dishes (soup, japchae, and lettuce) and a bowl of Korean purple rice with your order of marinated bulgogi ($17.99).

myeongdong gyoza kalguksu torontoIt's definitely an order hearty enough for one; make sure to throw some bulogi and rice on a piece of green for a DIY lettuce wrap.

myeongdong goyza kalguksu torontoMul-naengmyeon ($11.99) is a summery fresh cold buckwheat noodle that comes with tons of veggies, an egg, and—if you do it right—a lot of added gochujang sauce for the mixing.

myeongdong goyza kalguksu torontoUncomplicated and delicious, Myeongdong Gyoza Kalguksu's solid menu of housemade mandu and noodles will hit the spot. 

myeongdong goyza kalguksu toronto

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Myeongdong Gyoza Kalguksu

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Myeongdong Gyoza Kalguksu

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