The Grill Pit

The Grill Pit

Eating at The Grill Pit makes me wish I was somewhere else - outside on a picnic. Not that there's anything wrong with its minimalist decor: it's a take-out joint, and an impressively clean one at that. So what if it's only got two tables? The Grill Pit serves the kind of food that's meant for green grass and sunny days: spit-roasted hens, BBQ ribs, rice pilaf, saucy roast potatoes, and romaine salad.

Luckily Christie Pits is a stone's throw away, making The Grill Pit the perfect place to pick up picnic supplies. And the food? It's pretty good. Honestly, I find it hard to get really excited about BBQ chicken. Yeah, it's good. BBQ is always good. But for me, it's like watching an old episode of Friends . It's saucy and balanced and well-done, but there's nothing new here. Well, almost nothing: the piri piri sauce is pretty kickin'.

But I don't go to BBQ joints for nouvelle cuisine. The Grill Pit's not dishing out any surprises, and in this case I'm happier for it.


I will say this: the dark meat is better than the white. The chicken is roasted long enough to bring the dark meat to perfect juiciness, but this happens at the expense of the breast, which is a little dry. It's nothing a few dips in hot sauce can't fix, and who knows? This place has been open just shy of a week, so there's plenty of time for them to work out the kinks.

Happily, the Pit's side dishes need no improvement: potatoes are roasted to soft perfection, peppery rice offers a surprising burst of herby flavour, and fresh romaine salad comes with house-made tomato or red wine vinaigrette. At $7.50 for a ¼ chicken dinner (dark meat) with two sides, or $8.00 for white meat, this meal is a stretch for the belly and a break for the wallet. The economy may look dreary, but delightful weather is upon us, and I don't mind. Cheap lunch and bright skies? Bring it!

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