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Good Son Assembly Chef's Hall

The Good Son is a pizza stall brought to Assembly Chef’s Hall courtesy of Vittorio Colacitti. As a season four finalist on Top Chef Canada and owner of the West Queen West restaurant of the same name, you can be sure Vittorio knows how to bake a good pie.

The decor here is a reflection of the design at Vittorio’s other location. Mr. Potato Head toys and vintage travelling suitcases adorn the upper racks around the stall, though the pizzas on display are the main sources of attraction here.

good son torontoA certified pizza pro, Vittorio’s dough is delicious. It's not suprising since he also had a hand in the opening of the equally delicious pizza joint Via Mercanti in Kensington.

good son torontoAll dough is made and rolled at Good Son's location on Queen before being brought to Assembly and spread to order.

good son torontoWith a selection of five gourmet pizzas, you can grab one of these 12-inch thin crusts for anywhere between $15 and $21. Six slices may be too much food for some people but leftovers are never a bad thing. 

good son torontoThe margherita pizza ($15) is simple but really phenomenal, with minimal toppings of san marzano tomato sauce and basil – the key ingredient to this pizza.

There’s an eggplant ricotta salata pizza ($16) which comes with fior di latte cheese, garlic, oregano and basil. For meat lovers, the only non vegetarian option is the capricciosa ($17) which has Italian ham, mushroom, and artichokes.

good son toronto

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