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Debe's Roti and Doubles

Debe's Roti and Doubles is a classic Trini spot in Toronto for delicious doubles, alloo pies and curry roti at great prices.

The tiny takeout joint just south of Jane and Finch features modest interiors with a slim counter along the wall with handwritten messages posted above warning customers of dangerously hot spice levels. 

debes roti torontoRunning fairly under the radar, it just takes one bite of these deliciously messy doubles at Yorkwoods Plaza to realize just how underrated they are.

debes roti torontoRandy Mohammed and his wife Solansh Matos are the young faces behind the business. Matos was just 19 when she dropped out of York to open up the shop with Mohammed who was determined to bring Trini food to his neighbourhood.

Although the pair may not have the same number of years in the business as other roti shop owners, they haven't been doing too badly for themselves. 

debes roti toronto

 A batch of roti flatbread and bara for the doubles is made every couple of hours, so doubles are served throughout the day unlike a lot of other Caribbean spots that tend to sell out of these fast. 

debes roti torontoThe massive pieces of flatbread for roti are fried for a short time until puffed and lightly golden before being filled. 

debes roti torontoIt's then slathered with curry potatoes prepared with seasonings from Trinidad, and your choice of chicken, goat, lamb or shrimp.

debes roti torontoThe boneless chicken roti ($11.99) is by far the most popular and it's the one we go for. The tender meat and curry potatoes as well as the warm flatbread it comes in taste absolutely fresh. 

Tuesdays are the best days to come in if you're after roti as they go for just $5.99. 

debes roti toronto

Two small pieces of fried bara act as the vessel for the chickpeas and meat of choice when it comes to the doubles. You can load it up with chicken, goat or shrimp ($5.35), or just stick with the chickpeas ($2.49) for a vegetarian option. 

debes roti torontoIt's also topped with tamarind, mango and cucumber chutneys, shadow benny and hot pepper sauce, which is made every morning with habanero and scotch bonnet peppers. You can pick and choose what sauces you'd like, and Mohammed and Matos recommend getting the hot sauce on the side. 

debes roti toronto

The chutneys offer a hint of sweetness to nicely complement the seasonings packed into the filling. 

debes roti toronto

The fried pastry that's made from flour for the aloo pie ($3.15, with protein: $6) is much thicker than the doubles bara and potatoes stand in place of chickpeas, though those can be added ($3.65). 

debes roti torontoIf you're like me, just a few drops of the pepper sauce will suffice when it comes to heat, and that'll still pack quite a punch. 

debes roti toronto

Any one of the curry meats can also be served over rice if you'd prefer to eat it that way for the same price as the roti. 

debes roti toronto

Caribbean drinks like sorrel and kola champagne are kept cold in the fridge for washing down your meal. 

Debe's Roti and Doubles offers tasty options that are fresh and loaded with flavour to anyone in the mood for some first-rate Trini food.

debes roti toronto

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Debe's Roti and Doubles

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Debe's Roti and Doubles

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