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Buena Copa

Buena Copa has a menu of Mexican snacks that goes beyond tacos, though the ones coming off their comal are exemplary too. 

From the same folks behind Good Hombres and Campechano comes this elegant dinnertime spot specializing in antojitos: small bites that, when eaten many at a time, easily constitute as a full meal.

buena copa torontoMore spacious than its two other counterparts, the restaurant has transformed the former digs of the beloved watering hole No One Writes to the Colonel into date-worthy destination with hanging ceramic light fixtures and a playlist of Latin American tunes. 

buena copa torontoWhile antojitos are incredibly common in Mexico, Toronto's understanding of the concept is limited mostly to its most famous iterations: tacos and quesadillas. 

buena copa torontoYou'll find both on the menu here, along with a number of other bites made from masa dough, the same one being from Mexican heirloom corn being ground up at Good Hombres. 

buena copa torontoThe main difference with tortillas here is that you'll find a handful of totally unique and colourful versions, aside from the regular corn and blue corn ones, being heated up on the cal-rubbed comal in the kitchen. 

buena copa torontoThe sope de pollo ($7) is an open-faced green tortilla (it gets its colour from the cilantro-mixed masa) piled high with tinga chicken stewed with chipotle, beans, salsa mocajete, crema, and cotija cheese. 

buena copa torontoThe empanada ($8) gets its colour from squid ink. It's stuffed with delicious cheese, chorizo, drizzled with crema, and served with a side of guac and salsa. 

buena copa torontoTetela de frijol y queso ($7) gets its warm red colour from its chipotle masa.

This triangular pocket is stuffed with beans, fresh cheese, and habanero salsa. 

buena copa torontoThe infladita ($7), also using black squid ink masa, is a crispy, deep-fried sandwich filled with trout, guac, and onions. 

buena copa torontoThe biggest portion on the menu is the tacos de birria ($22), which comes with a basket of regular tortillas to go with delicious wood-fired short ribs that have been slow cooked in the barbeque outside. 

buena copa torontoAguachile ($17), made with trout, delivers an addictive kick thanks to cascabel chilis and jalapeno. 

buena copa torontoThe ceviche ($15)  is actually much less spicy, and fishier, also using trout. 

buena copa torontoThe cocktail menu revolves around tequila and mezcal.

buena copa torontoMy favourite is the Avocado Toast ($14), which actually uses takes old avocado pits from the kitchen, toasts them, and turns the shreds into a syrup for this drink. 

The pink Buena Copa old fashioned ($14) with mezcal, hibiscus and mole bitters. 

buena copa torontoRosa Blanco ($12) is a tall tequila drink with white vermouth, grapefruit and soda. 

buena copa torontoTurn any order of beer into a valentina and arbol michelada for an extra $3. 
buena copa toronto

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