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Boiler House

The Boiler House in the Distillery quickly overtakes childhood memories of Golden Griddle's breakfast buffet (not knowing better at the time). As soon as I entered the massive warehouse-type space I knew I was in for a treat. This might be the city's most robust and quality brunch buffet, offered by a restaurant that's perhaps better known as an event venue or for their dinner service.

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Just in time for summer, The Boiler House's patio consists of new furniture and cabanas. Seats are on a first come first serve basis (weather permitting) so make sure to arrive early. At 11 a.m hungry patrons are lined up to enter and quickly fill the space.

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The Boiler House has a modern and elegant atmosphere, fused with the obvious history of the Distillery. However, everything seems different during brunch--in a good way. Families, couples, friends--you name it--flow into the restaurant and soak in the aroma and the tunes from the live jazz band that plays during brunch each Sunday.

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The brunch is served buffet style and includes farmer's eggs and bacon, french toast, eggs benedict, homefries, perogies, sausages, waffles, shrimp, pasta, fresh fruit and salads, house made pies, cookies, cakes, pastries and the list goes on. Why do I bother listing so many offerings? Well, what makes the Sunday brunch at The Boiler House such a success is its diversity. Not only does it have quality, but it most definitely has quantity.

boiler house toronto

I haven't yet mentioned the various stations where you can either be served by an assigned cook for omelettes anyway you'd like, or have tender sirloin roast cut before your eyes, and finally fresh peameal bacon sliced just the way you want it. Whatever you consider "brunch," The Boiler House has it on Sundays.

boiler house toronto

For $24.95 per person, you get a lot. There is really no excuse for leaving this brunch hungry or dissatisfied--in fact, I don't think it is possible. As not so much a regular advocate for breakfast/brunch buffets, I cannot help but say that the quality of what The Boiler House serves on Sunday mornings makes you forget that it's "all you can eat," and I intend to go back and do just that.

boiler house toronto

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