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Distillery District

Once home to the largest distillery in the British Empire, Toronto's restored Distillery District features the continent's best-preserved collection of Victorian Industrial Architecture. It's a stunning backdrop for the local restaurants, design stores, cafes and art galleries; most of which feature post and beam finishes, amazing natural light and expansive ceilings. Don't miss the Case Goods Warehouse, home to local artist studios, custom jewellery, crafts and workshops.

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Akroyd Furniture / Design Stores

55 Mill St. 416.367.5757 Website
Akroyd Furniture

Akroyd Furniture designs and builds all kinds of furniture - dining tables, beds, coffee tables, chairs, desks, even whole kitchens. They have a sharp new showroom in the Case Goods...

Archeo Trattoria / Restaurants

55 Mill Street 416.815.9898 Website
Archeo Trattoria

Open for lunch and dinner, Archeo Trattoria's kitchen whips up, what else, Italian! The menu includes option such as caprese salad, pasta, pizza, trout and veal osso bucco. ...

Arta Gallery / Galleries

14 Distillery Ln 416.364.2782 Website
Arta Gallery

Arta Gallery is located in Toronto's historic Distillery District. Opened since 2003, Arta Gallery showcases the works of Canadian and International artists. You can also rent out the art space...

Artemide / Design Stores

5 Mill street, Building 37, suite 101 416.628.6718 Website

Artemide is a high end lighting company with a retail showroom in the Distillery District. You can find it in the triangle part of the condo building at Mill St....

Arvo Coffee / Cafes

17 Gristmill Lane 647.352.2786 Website
Arvo Coffee

Arvo Coffee is a Distillery District cafe, one of the few places beyond Balzac's to get a coffee in the historic industrial area. They set themselves apart by being a...

Balzac's Coffee / Cafes

55 Mill Street 416.207.1709
Balzac's Coffee

Balzac's Coffee in the Distillery is a good place to curl up with the weekend paper over a coffee and energy cookie on the comfy chairs upstairs. When the weather...

Bergo / Design Stores

55 Mill Street #47A 416.861.1821 Website

Bergo features the creations of internationally recognized designers and architects, such as Phillippe Starck Frank Gehry, Karim Rashid and Michael Graves. The store sells a number of unique items including...

Biltmore Domicile / Design Stores

55 Mill Street 416.360.7632 Website
Biltmore Domicile

Biltmore Domicile creates custom sofas and home decor....

Blackbird Vintage Finds / Design Stores

55 Mill St. Building 57 416.681.0558 Website
Blackbird Vintage Finds

Blackbird Vintage Finds in the Distillery District is owner Paula DiRenzo's second take on vintage d├ęcor. She decided to close up her previous store, Fleur de Terre, which was on...

Blossom Lounge / Fashion Stores

24 Tank House Lane, Suite 101 416.777.1744 Website
Blossom Lounge

Blossom Lounge opened around two months ago, and is rather hard to spot on a simple meander through the Distillery District's cobblestone streets, with virtually no streetside presence. Located inside...

Boku Sushi / Restaurants

42 Gristmill Lane 416.368.8686 Website
Boku Sushi

Boku Sushi provides a touch of Asian flair in the heart of the Distillery District. This chic Japanese restaurant serves up a slew of favourites ranging from sushi to tempura...

Brick Street Bakery / Baked Goods

55 Mill St. Building 45a 416.214.4949 Website
Brick Street Bakery

The Brick Street Bakery, located in the Distillery District, makes amazing breads, sandwiches, tarts and fresh pastries all prepared with traditional, all-natural ingredients. ...

Cabinet Furniture / Design Stores

55 Mill Street, Building 32 416.777.9234 Website
Cabinet Furniture

Cabinet Furniture in the Distillery District feels just like a timeless cottage retreat. As I enter the showroom off the main square, all I can see is wood--everywhere. Cabinet Furniture...

Cacao 70 Toronto / Restaurants

28 Gristmill Lane 416.216.8686 Website
Cacao 70 Toronto

Cacao 70 is heaven for chocolate lovers. The Montreal chain's first Toronto location is situated in the heart of the Distillery District and it's dedicated to serving up decadent desserts...

Caffe Furbo / Cafes

55 Mill Street 416.366.7070 Website
Caffe Furbo

Caffe Furbo has that off-the-streets-of-Rome feel. Not that I'm any sort of expert on authentic Italian cafes. Not in the least. But as I get to talking to owner Kevin...

Case Goods Warehouse / Design Stores

55 Mill Street, Building #74 416.861.1011 Website
Case Goods Warehouse

Opened in the Distillery District in March of 2003, The Case Goods Warehouse is one of six Artscape projects around the city, the newest of which is the Wychwood Green...

Cluny / Restaurants

35 Tank House Ln. 416.203.2632 Website

Cluny is a modern French restaurant brimming with all the hallmarks of a classic Parisian bistro and a whole lot of joie de vivre. It just opened last week down...

Cop Copine / Fashion Stores

10 Trinity Street 416.863.3939 Website
Cop Copine

Cop Copine is a women's clothing store in the Distillery District that sells fashion-forward basics. Expect to find their racks filled with structured jumpsuits, monochromatic skirts, and high-quality button ups....

Corkin Gallery / Galleries

7 Tank House Lane 416.979.1980 Website
Corkin Gallery

Corkin Gallery is one of the more impressive in the city. The gallery is divided into five exhibition spaces and showcases well known international contemporary artists. The photo above includes...

Corktown Designs / Design Stores

55 Mill Street 416.861.1832 Website
Corktown Designs

Corktown Designs in the Distillery District sells a range of jewellery from white gold rings to necklaces to earrings made from talented local designers....

Crescendo Toronto / Grocery Stores

13 Trinity Street 416.214.9555 Website
Crescendo Toronto

Crescendo opened just two weeks ago in the heart of the Distillery District, and without any signage, is definitely a curious addition. The oak barrels and wooden jugs mounted on...

Distill / Design Stores

24 Tank House Lane, Suite #103 416.304.0033 Website

Distill is a store specializing in Canadian designed goods. It's a near perfect mix of crafts, jewelry, and clothing, all made in Canada. I feel the need to begin with...

DOM Toronto / Design Stores

39 Parliament Street 416.364.6477 Website
DOM Toronto

The DOM Showroom in the Distillery District is home to high end kitchen furniture from Valcucine....

El Catrin / Restaurants

18 Tank House Lane 416.203.2121 Website
El Catrin

El Catrin is the newly opened Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District taking over the former site of The Boiler House -- though still under the same proprietorship. The...

Fawn Ceramics / Design Stores

55 Mill Street 416.861.9988
Fawn Ceramics

Fawn Ceramics sells hand-crafted ceramics and other local designs in their storefront in the Distillery District....

Found Objects / Design Stores

55 Mill Street 416.850.5265 Website
Found Objects

Found Objects in the Distillery District carries unique home accessories and furniture that you won't find elsewhere in the city. ...

Gentil Uomo / Fashion Stores

19 Trinity St 416.214.0008 Website
Gentil Uomo

Gentil Uomo is a recently-opened menswear shop in Distillery District that sources its high-end men's clothing primarily from Italy....

Gilding The Lily / Fashion Stores

47 Tank House Ln. 416.360.5459 Website
Gilding The Lily

Gilding The Lily opened a week ago in a hidden-away space in the Distillery District. The fine-jewelry and accessory boutique is the pet project of Annie Jagger, an LA-based celebrity...

Gotstyle (Distillery) / Fashion Stores

21 Trinity St 416.260.9696 Website
Gotstyle (Distillery)

Gotstyle has ventured into the Distillery District and with it, women's clothing. The formerly menswear-only shop has just opened its second and larger location, stocking its new sprawling 6,700 square...

Greg's Ice Cream (Distillery) / Restaurants

55 Mill St Website
Greg's Ice Cream (Distillery)

Greg's Ice Cream in the Distillery District has finally opened, and I think I just heard a collective exclamation of glee exude from the neighbouring community. As we keep our fingers...

Hastens / Design Stores

55 Mill Street 416.619.4480 Website

Hastens is the place to go if you have some serious cash to blow on a mattress. Want to sleep on a bed made of horse hair; or just try...

Heel Boy (Distillery District) / Fashion Stores

49 Tank House Ln. 416.363.2794 Website
Heel Boy (Distillery District)

Heel Boy has opened its second Toronto location in the Distillery District, adding to the neighbourhood's growing lineup of retail stores. "I like what the Distillery is trying to do -...

Hoi Bo / Fashion Stores

15 Trinity St. 647.852.5488 Website
Hoi Bo

Hoi Bo has been open for just 6 weeks, which explains its lack of signage amidst the steel doors and brick facades of the Distillery District. Rather, it's announced by...

Jacob & Sebastian (Distillery District) / Fashion Stores

27 Tank House Lane 416.360.7750 Website
Jacob & Sebastian (Distillery District)

Jacob and Sebastian has opened up another location, and it's larger and brighter than its original Queen West outpost, with a space that better showcases its large stock of bath...

Jessica Rose / Fashion Stores

17 Trinity St 416.368.8228 Website
Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose, a new addition to the Distillery District's ever-growing troop of retail stores, is a cozy space with ultra high ceilings and exposed brick walls painted a rustic white....

John Fluevog (Distillery District) / Fashion Stores

4 Trinity St 416.583.1970 Website
John Fluevog (Distillery District)

John Fluevog Shoes' new spot at the Distillery District is draped in history, and although the shoe retailer can somewhat relate, their design aesthetic is a tad (read: a lot)...

Julie M. Gallery / Galleries

15 Mill St., Building 37, Suite 103 416.603.2626 Website
Julie M. Gallery

Julie M. Gallery was originally established in Tel Aviv by Julie Mamon in 1975. The Toronto location of the gallery opened in 2009, and has a mandate to represent...

La Creperie (Distillery District) / Restaurants

55 Mill St. 416.203.1590
La Creperie (Distillery District)

La Creperie is hidden inside the Young Centre for the Performing Arts in the Distillery District. This is the view of the menu outside the building....

Leif Benner / Fashion Stores

55 Mill Street Suite 108 416.861.1282 Website
Leif Benner

Leif Benner Operates out of the Case Goods Warehouse in the Distillery District. Designer/goldsmith Leif Benner creates custom rings and exquisite accessories. His wedding bands and engagement rings have earned...

Maisonette / Grocery Stores

12 Tank House Lane Website

Maisonette is a tiny shop on Tank House lane that carries a variety of food crafted by local artisans including chocolate, tea, jam, honey, maple and shortbread. They also have...

McManus and Campbell / Fashion Stores

90 Distillery Lane 416.901.6776 Website
McManus and Campbell

McManus and Campbell opened in November of last year at 90 Distillery Lane. This is the only salon in the Distillery District - a strategic move on the part of...

Mill Street Beer Hall / Restaurants

21 Tank House Lane 416.681.0338 Website
Mill Street Beer Hall

The Mill Street Beer Hall is now open around the corner from the original Brew Pub in the Distillery District. It's welcome news for anyone who's ever tried to get...

Mill Street Brew Pub / Restaurants

55 Mill Street (Building 63) 416.681.0338 Website
Mill Street Brew Pub

My first visit to the Mill Street Brew Pub was two springs ago to meet up with a friend who was even more unfamiliar with Toronto than I was at...

Mint Boutique / Fashion Stores

6 Rack House Mews 416.368.6468 Website
Mint Boutique

Mint Boutique opened up almost two months ago in a somewhat dicey part of Distillery District--no, the notoriously swank neighbourhood isn't home to roving gangs, but it will soon be...

Monte Clark Gallery / Galleries

4 Trinity St. 416.703.1700 Website
Monte Clark Gallery

Monte Clark Gallery has a reputation as one of Canada's top commercial galleries. Located in the Distillery District, it represents only contemporary artists and is home to some big West...

Ontario Spring Water Sake Company / Grocery Stores

55 Mill Street, Building 4 416.365.7253 Website
Ontario Spring Water Sake Company

The Ontario Spring Water Sake Company has opened in the Distillery District giving a shot in the arm to the sad state of sake availabilty in Toronto. A beverage long...

Pikto Gallery / Galleries

55 Mill Street (Building 59) 416.203.3443 Website
Pikto Gallery

Pikto Gallery has a small exhibition space that complements its suite of services geared toward photography professionals including studio space and lab services. ...

Pure Spirits Oyster House / Restaurants

55 Mill Street 416.361.5859 Website
Pure Spirits Oyster House

Not just an oyster house, Pure Spirits serves up fish, pork, duck, steak frites and other tasty modern fare. ...

SOMA Chocolate (Distillery) / Grocery Stores

55 Mill Street #48 416.815.7662 Website
SOMA Chocolate (Distillery)

SOMA Chocolate, located in the Distillery District, designs and creates handmade chocolate in their on-site chocolate lab. ...

SPORT Gallery / Galleries

55 Mill St., Building 32, Suite 103 416.861.8514 Website
SPORT Gallery

Along with Sports Illustrated, SPORT Magazine was an institution in the sports publishing business for most of the twentieth century. Launched in 1946, its heyday was the 50's and 60's...

Stirling Room / Bars

16 Trinity St 416.364.3900 Website
Stirling Room

Stirling Room is an upscale Distillery District party with modern variations on a classical structure. Owners Albert Rishes and Simo Korac, industry graduates of Toronto's Club District, are on a...

Sweet Escape Patisserie / Baked Goods

55 Mill Street Building 47 Unit 102 416.214.2253 Website
Sweet Escape Patisserie

The Sweet Escape Patisserie is in the old Cafe Crepe location in the Distillery District. But while crepes may no longer be on the menu, there's still plenty of sweet...

Tappo / Restaurants

55 Mill Street #3 647.430.1111 Website

Tappo offers an Italian and Mediterranean-based menu with items like grilled veal chop, seafood pasta with lobster, mussels, crabs, shrimp and calamari....

UrbanDog / Services

37 Parliament Street 416.361.1037 Website

The UrbanDog doggy daycare and spa fits in perfectly with the industrial chiq aesthetic that can be found in the adjacent Distillery District. Professional grooming packages start at...

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