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Away Kitchen

Away Kitchen on Queen is the second location of the plant-based restaurant serving luxe pizzas and dairy-free fondue. 

Less cafe-focused than its counterpart in Little Italy, this location of Away replaces the ice cream shop Death in Venice Gelato

away kitchen torontoYou're still welcome to post up with some work and a coffee courtesy of De Mello Palheta beans, but the tasty, healthy eats on the lunch and dinner menus are definitely the main reasons to visit.

away kitchen torontoLike the revolving tasting menu at its higher-end sister restaurant Awai, everything at Away is vegan, though you'd never know based on the flavours. 

away kitchen torontoThe collection of pizzas ($17 for a large) made with wheat crusts are a must try, especially if you want to dry an assortment of delicious, dairy-free, nut-based cheeses. 

away kitchen torontoFluffy dough made in-house form the base for pies like the Mediterranean  with San Marzano tomato sauce, artichoke hearts, and shaved walnuts, which uses a cashew mozzarella. 

away kitchen torontoThe Florence is a pesto-sauce covered pizza with ricotta cheese made from cultured almond, which form beautiful flowerets. 

away kitchen torontoPulled BBQ jackfruit is a vegan's favourite substitute for meat, and you can get with hemp cheddar cheese, frilled pineapples, and ranch dressing. 

away kitchen torontoAnd the Romano comes topped with cured macadamia cheese, cauliflower cream sauce, kalamata olives, and some super fragrant fried rosemary.

away kitchen torontoOther homey eats include an oyster mushroom pot pie ($14) made from gluten-free dough; douse it with the side of mushroom gravy. 

away kitchen torontoThe fondue ($15) is a revelation considering its made without any cheese.

away kitchen torontoInstead, you'll get an assortment of fruits and veggies with a house-made bread bowl holding a mix of cashews, dried white wine and two types of Brazilian starch achieve that perfectly thick and cheesy flavour. 

away kitchen torontoAnd when it comes to drinks, you'll find the popular selection of lemonades which are made in-house with a variety of natural flavours like hibiscus, rose hip, and pomegranate. 

away kitchen torontoYou don't need to be a conscious vegan to eat at Away: the food here may be completely plant-based, but your average meat-eater shouldn't need much convincing to come eat here. 

away kitchen toronto

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