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Toronto real estate agent posts video selling a snow fort for $850K

In a sad commentary on the state of Toronto's real estate market, a local agent posted a mock video about a snow fort listed for sale.

The video starts with Anya Ettinger, a real estate agent with Bosley Real Estate, placing a for sale sign on top of a snow fort.

"This zero bed, zero bath home is listed for only $850,000 and we are holding offers until next week," Ettinger says in the video.

She then proceeds to ask the viewers if they would like to take a look inside.

"Once you are in it's quite cozy," she says, barely fitting inside the frozen abode.

Ettinger tells blogTO the video was her boyfriend's idea — they had seen their Leslieville neighbours' kids building a snow fort on Monday.

"He was like, oh, we should like do a video about the snow fort and like make a joke with this as my new listing," she says.

They went out and made the video that same day, and while it is funny, it is also a bit sad.

"This is my satirical take on the Toronto real estate market as someone who's, like, in it every day," she says.

Ettinger says she tries to reach the older Gen Zs and Millennials with her videos and believes they appreciate her honesty and humour.

"For most people, especially young people, it's really difficult to find any sort of property and find anything that is really affordable if you're making anything less than six figures and aren't getting any help," she says.

As anyone who has watched the Toronto market has seen, there tiny two-bedroom homes for sale for $3 million, and total gut-jobs selling for $450,000.

Ettinger admits the market is sad.

"I'm someone that copes with any sort of difficult things with dark humor and joking about things that probably shouldn't be joked about," she says.

She has had clients working hard to save for a property only to be ridiculously out-bid.

"But sometimes the only way not fall into a literal depression over the thought of my own age group potentially not being able to afford (a home) if they aren't coming from money or not getting help, is to kind of make it a little bit of a lighter subject to talk about."

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Anya Ettinger

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