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A Toronto renter is showing off what might be one of the worst apartments in town

Ever-increasing apartment rental prices and a lack of affordable housing in Toronto have many just scraping by, leading to some... umm... creative solutions to housing that always manage to shock with their sub-standard living conditions.

One TikTok user has catapulted himself into the running for worst Toronto rental by posting a video of his jarringly derelict accommodations titled 'Things in my Downtown Toronto apartment that just make sense.'

The joke, of course, is that nothing in this apartment makes a damn shred of sense.

The confusion begins right at the entrance to the unit, which can only be accessed through a door from a back alley. From there, you're funnelled into an ultra-cramped hallway leading to a steep and narrow set of stairs. And once you get to the top, guess what? More stairs!

After ascending a second winding staircase, you get to the main living area, if you can even call it that.

"This is my entire apartment," TikTok user Russel Westlake says. "There's no living room, it's just two bedrooms and a small kitchen filled with appliances that are straight out of the stone age."

Wow, look at mister two-bedroom apartment over here. Humble brag much?

He then goes on to show some of the quirks (or defects) that make his apartment so unlivable, including his "crooked window, my crooked wall, the only burner on the stove that works, the oven door that scrapes against the wall" and "the mysterious brown liquid that's always leaking from my fridge."

"Speaking of liquid," which is never a good way to start any statement, "the only way to get hot water in the entire apartment is to use the faucet in the bathtub. If you do get hot water, it only lasts for about 20 minutes."

Okay, that actually sounded like it was going to take a much more repulsive turn. Little victories.

And if you're the type to amass a huge wardrobe collection, this place is definitely not for you: "There are no closets, so this is the only storage I have," says Westlake as the video shows piles of his belongings stowed haphazardly on top of a cabinet like carry-on luggage.

As bad as his apartment might be, the poster should probably pump the brakes when referring to his "crappy skylight." Having a skylight in a Toronto rental isn't usually a qualifier for 'worst apartment,' but we'll let that one slide.

There are some other minor issues, like an ant trap he refers to as "my small ant farm," (better ants than roaches or bedbugs) and the annoyance of "always hearing my neighbours through the vent."

But it seems Westlake was saving the worst for last.

If you're a fire code inspector, it's probably best to look away for this next part, when the video describes an "electrical panel that sometimes sparks" and shows the tenants using Christmas lights as an extension cord, worryingly connected to a cluster of power bars tucked under a mattress.

And if that wasn't enough in the way of grave safety concerns, consider Westlake's account of "that one time a tree fell in the back alley taking out a bunch of electrical poles, and blocking our only entrance and exit."

There are always worse places to live though, and while this place is definitely a bit rough around the edges, even residents of high-priced condo rentals find themselves complaining about livability.

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