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These are the most complained-about apartment buildings in Toronto

Of the thousands of apartment buildings in Toronto, some are known to be more... problematic than others. From entire blocks that are bed bug-ridden to highrises with paper-thin walls where noise complaints are a daily occurrence, you've probably heard at least one horror story.

Thanks to the city's own RentSafe program, which was launched in July of 2017 to "better protect the public and enhance the quality of life and living standards for tenants," there's now an entire database full of them.

RentSafe, for those unaware, requires anyone who owns a building that's either three or more storeys high or has 10 or more units to register with the city.

Landlords who fail to do so could face "substantial fines" and court charges, according to the city, if they fail to comply with the bylaw enforcement program.

Should they not sufficiently address complaints in a suitable amount of time (between 24 hours and seven days, depending on the severity), they could also be on the hook financially for any work that the city sends contractors to perform.

Data obtained by the Toronto Star shows that the City of Toronto received a whopping 9,285 complaints from tenants in relation to building maintenance standards between February 21 of 2018 and March 20 of 2019 through RentSafe alone.

Numbers aren't available for before or beyond this time period yet, according to the Star, but they paint a portrait of where the worst buildings in the city tend to be in terms of pests, noise and heating/cooling issues.

At the very top of the list is 500 Dawes Rd. with 80 complaints: 19 related to noise, seven about adequate heat, and 54 that fall into the general category of "property standards," which includes such issues as stairways, water and pests.

Also given significant attention in the Star's article is 81 Wilson Park Rd. in Parkdale, with 671 complaints. There, residents have complained about property standards 17 times, noise five times, heat four times, waste twice and something considered as "other" once.

In terms of neighbourhoods with the most complaints, York South-Weston leads the pack, followed by Parkdale in second place.

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