25 st mary street

Toronto is getting two massive skyscrapers that will have room for 1,110 new homes

Always on the precipace between too many freaking condos and yet not enough (affordable) housing for its residents, Toronto is about to become home to yet another megadevelopment if the latest application for two highrises near the ever-evolving Yonge-Bloor intersection is approved.

25 st mary street

A rendering showing how colossal the towers are due to be, from gh3*.

The towers at 25 St. Mary Street will be unignorable not just because of their stark white exterior, but also due to their sheer size: 59 and 54 storeys with a total of 1,143 new units between them.

Thankfully, at least some of these units will be dedicated rentals, though this is due to the fact that the buildings will be taking the place of an existing rental complex from the '60s that currently houses more than 250 people and families.

25 st mary street

The outdoor space attached to the City-run childcare centre on the property. Rendering from gh3*.

The new towers on the site will also contain ground-floor retail, in-house childcare (with an outdoor terrace), a public park, and more in addition to the 106 bachelor, 593 one-bedroom, 351 two-bedroom and 93 three-bedroom units for sale, plus 272 "new and improved" rentals of various sizes.

There will also, of course, be the typical condo amenities of shared outdoor terraces on lower floors, underground parking, fitness facilities, and other spaces, some for the use of just residents and some — like the park — for public access.

Developer Tenblock and architect gh3* also promise sustainable, energy-efficient design and operating systems as well as public realm improvements for the property, which is one of many in the area slated for or already undergoing redevelopment.

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