11 lucy avenue toronto

This Toronto house is only $500K but it smells so bad you can't go inside

The price is right on a home recently listed for sale in Toronto but if want to see it, you'll need more than a PPE mask covering your face.

The home at 11 Lucy Avenue is listed for sale for $500,000, which might be a bargain considering the average price of a detached home in Toronto is $1.75 million right now.

11 lucy avenue toronto

This home at 11 Lucy Avenue is listed for $500,000.

It is even lower than the average condo — sitting around $600,000.

However, as many in the Toronto real estate market know, the list price isn't the price a property usually sells for — particularly when the market is so hot.

11 lucy avenue toronto

The home is two storeys with aluminum siding.

This two-storey home, located not far from Danforth Village, has three bedrooms and one bathroom.

11 lucy avenue toronto

It is located in Birch Cliff surrounded by newer homes.

Chances are you won't get to see any rooms as this home is in rough shape and the realtor suggests "viewing may be difficult, due to pungent odor."

If you are willing to strap on a gas mask, there are more hurdles.

11 lucy avenue toronto

The front door might be as far as you get in this home.

The home is missing a subfloor in the bedroom so the "doorway has been taped off for safety reasons."

The listing offers no peek inside either, with exterior shots only for this home.

11 lucy avenue toronto

The backyard has some potential with a few trees.

It comes as no surprise this home is listed as a tear-down.

Still, it comes with a backyard with some potential — there are trees and the possibility of making it into a backyard oasis.

11 lucy avenue toronto

You will need to do some weeding.

And compared to other tear-down properties the price is good.

Recently, a partially burned home was on sale for $1 million. A dilapidated semi-detached Junction home, in need of a complete gutting, was on the market for nearly $900,000 this past fall.

11 lucy avenue toronto

The two-storey home is listed as a tear-down.

If you have the energy and resources, renovating an old property can be profitable.

One creepy home with a $749,900 price tag was beautifully renovated and back on the market for a cool $1.399 million.

So while this is not anyone's dream home, perhaps it could be, someday, if you can make it through the front door.

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