tiny home for sale ontario

You can buy this tiny home near Toronto for under $70K

A new tiny home for sale in Ontario just went on the market and you won't need a huge mortgage for this place.

It is not the first tiny home for sale in recent months. A tiny home in Hamilton was for sale for $125,000, and a luxury tiny home was on the market near Guelph. There is also a man in Toronto who recently started a tiny home building business.

tiny home for sale ontario

The tiny home has a portable fence with it.

The home is currently parked in Clarington, Ontario, and is posted for sale for $68,500. The catch is you need a piece of land to put it on. Most municipalities have minimum building size requirements and don't allow homes on wheels.

tiny home for sale ontario

The queen-size bed is Murphy-style.

Contractor Mark Robinson told blogTO he wanted to build the home because he liked the idea of building something tiny. 

"To me, it was something neat to build," Robinson said. He started out as a cabinet builder and likes to make furniture. 

tiny home for sale ontario

The kitchen is small and there is no oven but there is a fridge and stove top.

He completed the home around March last year just as the pandemic was starting. He had hoped to take it to home shows but, of course, they were all cancelled.

tiny home for sale ontario

There is a tiny fridge and freezer.

Robinson thought there might be a market for tiny homes in Ontario and recently spoke at a Municipality of Clarington meeting about allowing tiny homes.

There wasn't much interest, he said.

The home is tiny, Robinson estimates about 160-square-feet on a 20-foot trailer. It is completely sealed with spray foamed insulation.

tiny home for sale ontario

Storage can be a problem in tiny homes. This one has some by the bed.

The kitchen comes with a freezer, fridge and propane stove.

It has a queen-size bed that can be tucked away.

tiny home for sale ontario

There is a large window at one end of the home and a few small ones on the sides.

It is set up for electricity and could be hooked up to a power system. It could also run on a battery and solar.

tiny home for sale ontario

There is a wood stove and an oil heater.

There is a wood stove and an oil heater for warmth in the winter.

The shower is installed but there is no toilet yet. Robinson said he had trouble finding a compostable toilet during the pandemic. A flushable toilet could be installed if you had access to a septic tank.

tiny home for sale ontario

So far, there is just a shower and no toilet yet.

Robinson thinks someone could find a property to rent to place the home, or it could make a nice bunkie at a cottage.

tiny home for sale ontario

Once it is parked, you can open the back for more light.

If you are looking for a way to escape Toronto's housing prices, and don't mind living small, this could be the home for you.

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Mark Robinson

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You can buy this tiny home near Toronto for under $70K