155 cumberland street

This $11.5 million Toronto condo comes with a personal gym and sculptured garden

Toronto has a notoriously high housing prices, but even with the average detached home price now sitting around $1.5 million, it's hard to believe anyone would spend millions on a condo.

155 cumberland street

The living room is massive in this condo listed for sale at 155 Cumberland Street.

Yet a condo at 1102 - 155 Cumberland Street is now listed for a whopping $11.5 million.

155 cumberland street

The windows let in tons of light.

For that price, you would expect some pretty fancy features — and this place has a few, including a sculptured garden and private fitness room — but it lacks the space of some similarly priced mansions in the city.

155 cumberland street

The condo features a lot of wood panelling.

Perhaps the selling point is the view. There is no doubt you will have stunning views of the city from the private terraces featuring sculptured gardens from Ron Holbrook landscaping.

155 cumberland street

The gardens were created by Ron Holbrook landscaping.

There is plenty of space to entertain with separate dining and living areas.

155 cumberland street

There are separate areas for dining and living in an open concept area.

There's also the location, which is in the heart of Yorkville and the centre of the city.

155 cumberland street

The condo is located in the heart of Yorkville.

The rooms are spacious with tall ceilings. The kitchen looks well-designed but not huge.

155 cumberland street

The kitchen is modern looking but not that big.

There are three bedrooms and three bathrooms. One large bedroom has a wall of windows, which would be nice to wake up to.

155 cumberland street

Imagine waking up to this view every day.

The bathroom comes with two sinks so no fighting for space in the morning.

155 cumberland street

There are two sinks in the bathroom.

There appears to be a lot of wood panelling, which is not to everyone's taste but does look expensive.

155 cumberland street

A walk-in closet is a must at $11.5 million.

The walk-in closet seems to be a given with any mansion or, in this case, multi-million dollar condo.

155 cumberland street

Not sure about the purple backsplash but it does look like a nice space to do your laundry.

And if you need to do laundry, there is a pretty cool looking room to do it in.

155 cumberland street

This gym stayed open during the pandemic because it is private, inside the condo.

There are some advantages to having your own private gym, particularly during lockdown.

155 cumberland street

This room could be another bedroom or home office space.

There is no doubt being in a condo with views of the city and your own private gym has its advantages but it is hard to imagine choosing this over a home (or two) on the ground.

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