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Toronto is getting an event that will let you experience the world's most iconic libraries

A new immersive experience that's coming to Toronto soon is giving a whole new meaning to getting lost in a good book. 

The people behind Toronto's immersive Van Gogh, Klimt, and Frida Kahlo exhibits is now tackling something entirely new: a virtual reality journey called The Library at Night.

It was created by Canadian actor and director Robert Lepage, and was inspired by Alberto Manguel's book The Library at Night. Manguel is an Argentine-Canadian writer, editor and translator who's also the former director of the National Library of Argentina.

The sensory experience takes you on a virtual tour of iconic libraries you'd normally never be able to see all in one night, located in places like Sarajevo, Japan, Mexico and Copenhagen.

The tour also includes some mythical libraries from fantasy tales, and you'll journey to 10 libraries in total.

That means you'll get a peek at spots like Austria's Admont Abbey, Japan's Hasedera Temple, Mexico's Vasconcelos Library, Canada's Library of Parliament and the Library of Congress in Washington, but also the library on the Nautilus from Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas or the Alexandria Library past and present.

"Voyaging in the world of libraries inevitably brought us back to writing itself. The new technology we used for the exhibit opened the door to truly extraordinary things that had us writing in a new way," says Lepage.

"It's an astonishing language filled with promises, especially if you pair it up with the idea of night, with all its mystery, restlessness, dreams, and imaginings."

You can sign up for first access to tickets for the immersive Library at Night experience now, so if these libraries have always been on your bucket list, this is your chance to give them a virtual preview.

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