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10 things to do in Toronto today

Welcome to a life of legal cannabis, Toronto, with events today celebrating the green at a huge 4/20 party in the park. Strutting their stuff are the queens of RuPaul's Drag Race and there's a new film about Aretha Franklin. Dance, laugh and sing on this long weekend Saturday.

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    • April 20
      It's never been a better time to celebrate 4/20 in Toronto, and this year is celebrating legalization with a big gathering in Woodbine Park.
      Woodbine Park
    • April 20
      The stars of RuPaul's Drag Race are here to strut their stuff with Trinity The Tuck, A’Keria Davenport and Shuga Cain bringing the heat.
    • April 20
      Psych rock gets especially spacey with King Buffalo's experimental rock tunes that channel the classic sound and send it into outer space.
    • April 20
      The city's new indie theatre space is hosting an evening of classic stoner flicks with Up in Smoke, Harold And Kumar, Friday and more screening.
      The Grand Gerrard Theatre
    • April 20
      The carefree, indie rocks sounds of L.A. duo Girlpool moves slow, with a deceivingly simple sound and tunes about life's little things.
    • April 20
      Shade is back with a hilarious night of comedy and a spotlight on comedians of colour, women and comedians from the LGBTQ2S+ community.
    • April 20
      Ubuntu is back with a night of amazing Afrohouse, hip-hop and Afro-beats that look to showcase the best of the city's underground dance scene.
      Luanda House
    • April 20
      A night of poetry and music is on as dead Poet returns to showcase work by local artists with this editor's theme of "Reaching Higher Frequencies".
    • April 20
      It's a green edition of Divas Only with a spotlight on female pop stars that like a good smoke with DJ Johnny B Goode and DJ Maggy on deck.
    • May 10 - July 18
      The queen of soul was recently honoured with a Pulitzer and this concert film shows why by following Aretha Franklin's recording of her fourth live album.
      Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema
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    Christian Bobak

Lead photo by

Christian Bobak

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