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Someone used AI to make Drake sing a totally unexpected song

If you've been on TikTok or Twitter recently, you might've noticed a recent trend where fans use AI technology to make it sound like their favourite artists are performing covers of other songs. 

From Rihanna covering Corona's The Rhythm of the Night, to Ariana Grande belting out a beautiful version of Drake's hit Passionfruit, the eerily realistic trend has picked up lots of attention over the past few months. 

Recently, TikTok creator @jeredsucks decided to give Drake's recognizable voice the AI treatment with a completely unexpected song: Colbie Caillat's 2007 hit, "Bubbly." 

It's definitely not every day that you hear the acclaimed rapper sing, "it starts in my toes, and I crinkle my nose," and "I get the tingles in a silly place," but strangely...it kind of works. 

Many listeners seemed to also be a fan of Champagne Papi's rendition of the classic song.

"He needs to drop whatever he's doing right now and start recording this," one person wrote. 

"Why does this go so hard," another comment reads. 

"I need a real performance," one user said. 

The same creator has even used Drake's signature voice to cover the theme song for Nickelodeon television series, Zoey 101

Although fans will have to settle for replaying Drizzy's rendition of Bubbly over and over again for now, here's hoping the Her Loss rapper will add the love song to the setlist for his upcoming North American tour

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