spongebob rave

This is what the Spongebob-themed rave was like in Toronto

A sea of Spongebob Squarepants fans took over the Opera House this past weekend.

Bikini Bottom Rave made a tour stop in Toronto on Saturday, Feb. 3. Even on one of the coldest nights of the year, nearly 1,000 people showed up in beach attire and costumes such as mermaids, jellyfish and of course the show's classic characters.

This event is part of a touring series around the U.S. and Canada themed around the animated comedy series Spongebob Squarepants.

The phenomenon of silly cartoon-based events are in high demand, with tickets at $60 a pop. Bikini Bottom Rave succeeds on the concept alone. The events consistently sell out before the lineup gets announced.

spongebob rave

Ka5sh at the Opera House during the event.

Ka5sh is the organizer of the Bikini Bottom Rave, which had to change its name to Big Bubble Rave a day after the Toronto event finished.

By day, he works as a musical artist and meme maker. "We are in a tangible meme right now," Ka5sh said with a mouthful of Krabby Patty candy. "I just get it. I get the internet. I'm just making the memes real."

Ka5sh is the mastermind behind the touring Shrek Rave that will also be coming to Toronto for two nights on March 31 and April 1. His love of Spongebob is evident by the tattoo on his arm of a Sea Bear.

spongebob rave

Many attendees dressed up in costumes for the party.

The inspiration for these events were simply his desire to celebrate his favourite TV show and movie.

Toronto's local DJs included Pan!c Pop, Sixtroke, Angelphroot and Ace. An hour after doors opened, the venue was packed with goofy goobers dancing to tribute remixes of classic songs from the show including "Stadium Rave" and a riddim flip of the closing credits.

Ka5sh kicked off the night and let the other DJs show off tech house remixes of Spongebob’s soundtrack and deep references to its jokes and lore.

It was a blend of familiar nostalgia shown through hard hitting rave and bass music. Fans in full mascot suits of Spongebob and Patrick hopped onto the stage and hyped up the packed floor and balcony.

spongebob rave

One of the attendees at the Opera House.

As members of the collective Kawaii Bass, Pan!c Pop and Sixtroke are no strangers to the silly nature of the cosplay scene. The Toronto crowd witnessed moshing, Ring Pop proposals, sharks twerking, dance circles and singalongs.

Halfway through the evening, Angelphroot turned the vibes into those of a classic Toronto-style freetek rave. As the head of the rave organization Toronto Hardcore, Ace stayed true to his heavy selections of bass and DnB.

While Ka5sh notices Shrek Rave attracting a similar Millennial demographic across each city, he sees Bikini Bottom Rave speak to a very diverse Gen Z crowd and he doesn’t know what to expect.

"I don’t want everyone to have the exact same experience. This is a living, breathing thing. You can come to this one, and if we come back again, it’s going to be different. But you’re still going to have the same level of fun each time," Ka5sh said.

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Aurora Zboch

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