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Drake's 5-year-old son Adonis did his first interview and it was hilariously perfect

Drake isn't one of those famous people who histrionically hide their kids from the press, and it's clear to see why when five-year-old Adonis Graham joins his dad in public.

The kid is undeniably cute, as established in 2020, when Drizzy finally shared pictures of the child he'd admitted to having with French artist Sophie Brussaux back in 2018.

What we didn't predict when we saw the first pictures of tiny, two-year-old angel face was that little Adonis would eventually start proving as talented as his dad, athletically and comedically.

In the most recent episode of Barstool Sports' popular video series, Sundae Conversation with Caleb Pressley, we got yet another strong glimpse of the younger Graham's star quality on display as he "opened" the interview ahead of his much-more-experienced (champagne) papi.

"Drizzy Drake...'s son," says Pressley at the top of his latest interview segment, released Feb. 1, as the camera pans to a juice box-drinking Adonis deep in thought.

"What does that mean?" asks the kid with literally no pretense at all, handing his Yoga Pesca drink off to a blue plaid-clad arm later revealed to be that of Toronto's one and only 6ix God.

The clip jumps to Adonis answering a series of questions about friendship.

"There's a lot of friends of me, that are really nice to me," the five-year-old tells Pressley, like a five-year-old. "They say, 'I like you because you're being nice to me.'"

Pressley then asks about what people say when they're mean, prompting a similar response from the young child and then pressing Adonis about whether or not he was ever mean to other kids first.

Adonis laughs at the comedic interviewer's super-serious tone, saying no and then eventually talking about how he defended himself against kids who tried to fight him.

"Did you ever punch anybody in the nuts?" asks Pressley, cracking up Drake's son, who seems dead serious when he says "no! never.... that's funny."

The interviewer then starts incorporating Adonis' very famous father into the questions, asking the five-year-old if he can read (presumably knowing that most children don't start reading until the age of six or seven.

"No I can't, " admits Adi, leading Pressley to ask if he might know how to read by this point if he'd had a better dad.

Looking over at his dad, Adonis says "this is my better dad" (!!!) before once again blowing off Pressley's attempts to get him to disparage Drake's parenting: "That's a funny dad also. He does a lot of jokes."

The interview cuts to Drake, who has to think hard when asked if Adonis ever tries to come in the way of his romantic pursuits to ensure he never has to split his future inheritance.

"Yeah no, he definitely just like, always is vibing out with me, telling me like how great I am as like a father, like a single father," says Drake, cracking up as he says "So maybe he is" in one of many funny moments from the episode.

You can watch Pressley's short interview with Adonis here, as well as his longer interview with Drake. Both are hilarious, but the former is quite novel in that it's believed to be one of Drake's son's first solo media interviews.

Between his candid answers, his inherent charm, his sweet little face and his obvious humility, most online seem to agree that Adonis aced it.

"That Drake interview with Caleb Pressley might be my favorite Drake interview ever. The whole 10 minutes was hilarious and sarcastic. Also Adonis got dope energy," wrote one viewer on Twitter.

"Drake's son Adonis' interview was so cute," raved another. "He has no idea who Drake is, but he's well aware who his Daddy is."

People continue to rave about how cute, funny, and unexpected the surprise interview with Adonis was, giving kudos to his parents for raising a sweet child, despite all of the craziness that could otherwise negatively shape a celebrity's offspring.

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