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Drake denies meeting woman who says he kept rubbing her belly during weird sex date

This week in weird Drake sex news, an American woman has gone viral for posting a video in which she details a rather strange romantic encounter with the star at his Toronto mansion — an encounter that she claims to have been recently flown into town on a private jet for, and that Drizzy himself denies ever happened.

Neither hot sauce nor condoms feature large in the story this time around, but Drake is said to have excessively rubbed the woman's stomach during their time together, talking about babies all creepy-like and choosing to get down without protection.

The woman, whose Instagram account no longer exists, also claimed when posting the video earlier this week that Drake had become "aggressive" after sex when she started filming him, slapping the phone out of her hand and kicking her out of his palatial Bridle Path residence.

The Toronto-based recording artist appeared to deny the woman's allegations on Wednesday, writing simply in an Instagram story: "Never met, never spoke, never flew. I hope people start doing more with the one life we are given, sh*t is sad out here."

While fans seem to have differing opinions on who might be lying in this situation, we can all agree that the woman's story is entertaining.

"So, I had made a video and I posted it on my Instagram story. It was a video of me inside a purple lingerie set, and I had tagged Drake inside my story," says the woman in the now-viral clip, which features a text overlay throughout reading: "Drake flew me out and kicked me out storytime."

The woman, whom some have labelled or identified as "Treeshiana," says she was surprised when the one-time Canadian teen soap opera star actually saw her post.

"He texted me in vanish mode like 'what's your number?' with the heart eyes emoji. So I say my number. Quick," she continues, noting that they began exchanging text messages on Nov. 13, 2022.

She says that Drake eventually expressed interest in seeing her, and that she wanted to see him as well. She says that he booked a Nov. 16 flight for her to Toronto aboard a private jet.

"So fast forward, I got off the plane, he had sent a private out to get me, but before I went inside his house, they made me sign an NDA. So I can't really say too much.... But I had looked at my NDA rules, so I know what I can and can't say, you feel?"

Okay, so here's where it gets kind of icky (or sweet, I guess, if you're into the whole 'take my seed' thing?)

"When I get in the house, we just sit on the couch chilling, talking. He kept on rubbing on my stomach and kept on asking questions like, 'do you want kids?' And I'm like, 'what are you trying to say? like, if you want a baby momma, just say that'," says the woman.

"He just kept on rubbing on my stomach. Then he asked me, 'do I want kids?' I was like, 'yeah, I want one. I want a little boy. So we watch a movie... we drinking Casamigos... you know, Casamigos bring out the freak-oh [laughs]."

After kind of yada-yadaing over the sex stuff ("I don't have to go in detail about that because it's self-explanatory," she says,) the woman notes that Jimmy Brooks did not use a jimmy hat.

"He did not use protection, which was a little weird, but yeah, no, I'm just going with the flow," she says, explaining that they began cuddling and watching another movie.

Then, she says, "everything went left when I pulled my phone out."

"As soon as he seen me recording him, he slapped my phone out my hand. I'm not even going to lie, I got a little scared, because that slap was aggressive," says the woman.

"But after he had slapped the phone out my head, he was like 'you gotta go.' I was like, 'just because I recorded you? Really?"

The woman says that she posted video footage of Drake to her Instagram account, but said footage has yet to be found online. If it were as an IG Story, it would have expired by now. If it were a post, that post was deleted along with the rest of her account this week.

"All the receipts is on my Instagram, so I don't got time for y'all to be like I'm lying now with that because what do I have to lie for?" she says as the video ends.

"Clout," say fans of Drake... though if social media fame was her intention, it clearly backfired to the point of her leaving Instagram altogether.

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