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People keep spotting Shawn Mendes walking his dog in downtown Toronto

Stans of Shawn Mendes are on the prowl in downtown Toronto right now for a glimpse of the Pickering-born pop star, his girlfriend Camila Cabello, and / or their Golden Retriever puppy Tarzan.

One of the only actual celebrities who call Toronto home (Drake and Rachel McAdams are the others), Mendes is surprisingly chill when it comes to doing normal human things (such as carrying poo bags) near his condo in the Fashion District.

Despite his ever-rising star status, the 23-year-old continues to act like the same down-to-earth singer we all know and love as he settles back into his penthouse this week alongside Cabello and Tarzan.

The duo were spotted out and about on Monday walking their nearly one-year-old dog in the King West area.

The stars had a chance to grab lunch on a patio while strolling in the neighbourhood.

Mendes was even gracious enough to take selfies with some of his ecstatic fans.

Doggie made new friends as well.

Later in the day, after an outfit change, Cabello snapped a cute shot of the young family using a parking garage mirror.

Mendes, whose birthday was Sunday, took to Instagram himself with a few photos in Toronto and the caption "Home."

Several of the photos appears to have been taken in Victoria Memorial Square, between Bathurst and Portland, along Wellington Street.

The artists — both massive international stars in their own right — didn't seem to make any sort of effort to hide who or where they were in the city, which begs the question: Is this a publicity stunt related to the new single Mendes happens to be promoting pre-sales for?

Or was it just a young and in-love couple taking a summer stroll with their furry son?

It's so much more fun to believe the latter.

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Shawn Mendes

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