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A bunch of strangers in Toronto were filmed dancing in their windows

A video has surfaced of a bunch of people in Toronto dancing in their windows.

It's a music video for band The Neighbourhood Watch's new song 20 Year Dream, and the student filmmakers behind it were able to film it in a totally distanced way. The result feels like a poignant comment on our lives in lockdown.

"A small act of kindness by over 60 Toronto citizens in the midst of lockdown restrictions has given them starring roles in a new music video released this week by indie band The Neighbourhood Watch," reads a release about the video.

"The volunteer performers had all responded to a Facebook appeal by filmmakers Charlie Hill and Max Mezo to appear in the windows of their homes at an agreed time in the evening."

"We asked them to gaze out silently for a moment or so, and then to dance along to the music. It allowed us to work safely around COVID-19 restrictions, but we also wanted to show how music has the power to spread joy and form connections even in difficult times," said director Hill, who's 21 years old. 

"We wanted the video to be fun, but in the edit we realized there was also something truly poignant about the glimpses of Toronto people living in lockdown at a time when the city's vibrant live music scene is in enforced hibernation. Max and I were so touched by how many people agreed to help out a couple of strangers with a camera."

People have been responding well to the video on YouTube, with comments like: "This had me in floods of tears today, in a good way. When the chorus kicks in it's just so up lifting. Love the singer's voice. Those low notes are like velvet and then that head voice sends a shiver.. The video is spot on, it really has moved me today. Fantastic work."

"The record altogether is about abandoning the arrogance of youth as much as possible. Coming to terms with that fact that growing up for real is less about ambition, and more about kindness. The song itself is about being proud of the people that you used to love," Tristan Surman, lead singer for The Neighbourhood Watch, told blogTO.

"Coming to terms with the fact that you being around stood in the way of them growing. It's about being happy that they're doing better without you. The video, to me, is about seeing expressions of love through a distance. Through a window. You're looking in on someone happy, thriving, joyous. You can't be a part of it, but you’re still happy for them."

"We've had all kinds of feedback but working with the band and their music has been an honour," Hill told blogTO. "We hoped our video would help to lift people's spirits. We're pleased to see the song and the video combined has given so many people an emotional boost."

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The Neighbourhood Watch

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