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People are debating why Justin Bieber changed his Twitter location to The 6

This week, Justin Bieber updated his Twitter location to "The 6," leaving many wondering if this seemingly innocent update is a hidden message.

While many were quick to mock the Biebs for finally deciding to represent Toronto, others saw it as a hint for his upcoming sixth studio album.

Others however, were not so convinced.

"Justin is so divorced from his Canadian roots that all his little stans think this is about a 6th album," tweeted one critic. "Y'all 'the 6' is another name for Toronto," explained another.

A look through Bieber's Instagram shows some significant representation for Toronto's sports franchises, including wearing Raptors gear and celebrating Leafs wins.

With the pride of Stratford having released a new album just over a year ago, many are suggesting that the location update is just another case of him embracing Toronto as acts like Drake and The Weeknd continue to put the city in the public spotlight.

Of course, the Biebs wouldn't be the only artist to release multiple albums during the pandemic, so for now the fanbase is going to keep Beliebing.

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